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Medieval Menagerie is LIVE on Kickstarter! Pledge to receive a beautiful and quirky hard enamel pin creature straight from the manuscript margins! 

The campaign is running until Aug 19th! 

Check it out here: http://kck.st/2uzw0QQ 

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Reblogging for signal boost.

Hey, so on Audible the cover for the book Games Wizards Play is really reminiscent of 70s and 80s sci-fi illustration. I've been studying that sort of art lately, and my illustration teacher and I would love to know who the illustrator of that is?

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I have absolutely NO idea. No telling where they got it.

Meanwhile, I’ve offered them more current/subject-appropriate art, but I’ve never heard back from them. (sigh)

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TIL the Ottoman Sultan wrote to a group of Ukrainian cossacks in 1676 and demanded their submission. They responded, “we have no fear of your army, by land and by sea we will battle with thee, fuck thy mother.”

via reddit.com

The full response is even better

“Zaporozhian Cossacks to the Turkish Sultan!

O sultan, Turkish devil and damned devil’s kith and kin, secretary to Lucifer himself. What the devil kind of knight are thou, that canst not slay a hedgehog with your naked arse? The devil shits, and your army eats. Thou shalt not, thou son of a whore, make subjects of Christian sons; we have no fear of your army, by land and by sea we will battle with thee, fuck thy mother.

Thou Babylonian scullion, Macedonian wheelwright, brewer of Jerusalem, goat-fucker of Alexandria, swineherd of Greater and Lesser Egypt, pig of Armenia, Podolian thief, catamite of Tartary, hangman of Kamyanets, and fool of all the world and underworld, an idiot before God, grandson of the Serpent, and the crick in our dick. Pig’s snout, mare’s arse, slaughterhouse cur, unchristened brow, screw thine own mother!

So the Zaporozhians declare, you lowlife. You won’t even be herding pigs for the Christians. Now we’ll conclude, for we don’t know the date and don’t own a calendar; the moon’s in the sky, the year with the Lord, the day’s the same over here as it is over there; for this kiss our arse!

- Koshovyi otaman Ivan Sirko, with the whole Zaporozhian Host.”

Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks to Sultan Mehmed IV of the Ottoman Empire

In case anyone needed a dramatic reading of the above historical letter.

I’m dying! 

Oh my god.

I’m now dying to know what happened next.

Period invective at its finest, even if it may not be quite as period as you think.

(NB - Peter Capaldi’s reading is probably NSFW without headphones.)

Here’s a link to much larger versions of the painting. Take a look at the full-size one: the facial expressions are a treat.

Also, check out Repin’s later, revised but uncompleted “sketch” version, which seems to have Vlad Dracula as a guest star just right of centre.

Listening to Capaldi’s reading you can really imagine this crowd of bros around a table yelling at the guy with the pen not to forget their favourite insult.

Bitch. STILL my superhero name. on Twitter

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Bitch. STILL my superhero name. on Twitter:

Read this thread and discover how QEII dissed 45 TO HIS FACE and he never caught on.

The work of updating all the ebooks in the Ebooks Direct store...

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The work of updating all the ebooks in the Ebooks Direct store continues as we begin re-covering the Middle Kingdoms books!

These books were updated with the Vellum formatting software in mid-June, but since then we’ve discovered some minor formatting problems in the ebooks (mostly having to do with italicized passages not breaking out of italics when they were supposed to)… so we’re correcting those textual hiccups as we re-cover each work. For obscure logistical reasons, we’re starting with THE DOOR INTO SUNSET and working backwards.

If you’re a purchaser of SUNSET as an individual volume, within the next twelve hours or so you’ll be receiving a mail from the Ebooks Direct store letting you know about the update and providing you with new download links. THE DOOR INTO SHADOW and THE DOOR INTO FIRE will be updated over the next week, and the corrected version of the TALE OF THE FIVE OMNIBUS will update last, with its own new cover, some time during the third week of July.

As usual when we do a re-cover / reissue, THE DOOR INTO SUNSET will be briefly discounted 20% to celebrate (and encourage those who don’t have a copy to pick one up). SUNSET’S discount lasts until July 17th at 10:59 AM Hawai'ian time.

Thanks, everybody!

(via the Ebooks Direct news and updates blog)

thank for here for bread

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You’re very welcome!

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#calligrapaint  20 18 ©
Composition of non readable calligraphy, it’s free from any language.


#abstractcalligraphy #calligraphie #calligraffiti  #calligraphystyle #calligraphyart #calligraphy #art #gestual ##moderncalligraphy #kunst #calligrapher #pictures #contemporarycalligraphy  #contemporaryart  #kalligrafi  #typography #искусство #artworks  #каллиграфия  #lettring #calligraphyworld #calligraphymasters

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I’m re-watching Captain America Civil War and-

They told Bucky to kill Tony’s parents without witnesses and he manages to find the probably only forest in the world with a random security camera by the road-side and kills them exactly in front of that security camera while looking right at said security camera when he disables it and also fails to make sure that the tape inside is destroyed how can you screw up so bad? 

imagine how many people Hydra had on staff specifically to follow him around, wiping cameras, picking up his 27 discarded weapons, paying off/killing that entire cafe he once strolled into at noon and shot a dude in.

the guy strolled down fuckin Main Street Washington with a grenade launcher, that “ghost story” reputation did not come easy.

I wondered that too - if he does everything like that attack on Fury how is he a fucking ghost-story? 

Imagine that’s your job like:

“Okay, you know how this works. We’re missing a rocket launcher, a mask, three hand-guns, the corpse of the target, two daggers with his finger-prints on them, the Asset’s mask and a helicopter. All of which are somewhere in [whatever city] and have to be retrieved in less than two hours. Go!”

“Ermm…boss? There’s another YouTube video.”

“He’s a brilliant assassin
they said. The best there is they said.”

For lack of a better explanation, I’ll attribute it to Bucky’s sub-conscious trying to make shit difficult for them.

*spooky sounds* i am a ghost story

was i even there?

u cant be sure

was that a breeze, or was it me?

u’ll never know…


Plot hole? What plot hole?

It must be the heat. Grab a bargain now!...

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It must be the heat. Grab a bargain now! http://bit.ly/SUMMERREADING

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vonlipvig: we’re really starting off strong here

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we’re really starting off strong here


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Re: the Young Wizards 30 Day OTP Challenge: some developments

DD's Tumblr - Sat, 07/07/2018 - 16:32

I just wanted to drop a note here about what’s presently going on with these, and will be in the near future.

First of all: I’ve started work on finishing the sequence in the next couple/few months. So that’ll make some people happy. (Not least of them me. These things have been itching at me.)

That said: something else is about to happen as well. I’m planning to offer these in the Ebooks Direct store, as a freebie, for a while… and when the sequence is complete, the collection will also be published at Amazon in ebook and paperback formats.

However, this means the Internet-based content must start vanishing, as if Amazon’s bots find it anywhere they’re going to give me no end of grief about “Why are you trying to publish material that’s freely available on the Net, are you even the copyright holder, etc etc “, and it’ll be a PITA and leave me wanting to kick somebody. Which is not an optimal situation.

So here’s what’s going to happen.

The existing 30-Day OTP material at Tumblr (http://dduane.tumblr.com/youngwizards-30-day-otp-challenge) has been pulled into ebook format, reformatted with Vellum so it looks pretty, and installed as a freebie at the Ebooks Direct store. Anybody who wants a copy of all the present material can click here and go get one! Just go through the usual checkout process; you won’t be charged anything. When the sequence is complete, the ebook at the store will be updated, and everybody who’s grabbed an ebook copy from the store will automatically be sent updated download links so they can have the full work.

In the meantime: For the next seven days (until midnight BST on July 14) I’m going to leave the present material online. But after that it’s going to vanish, and the links on the 30 Day OTP page will be changed to point at the freebie in the Ebooks Direct store. If you want to read (or reread) this material, you should do so now. This is because, to make sure that this material will not turn up on Amazon’s radar, on July 15th I will be asking Tumblr to remove the original 30 Day OTP posts from its servers. (This means these posts should also be vanishing from reblogs.)

New YW30DOTP material and links to it will be blogged here as usual over the summer, and links to them will appear on the same master page until the sequence is complete. The original material and the links will remain in place for 30 days after the sequence is complete. Then they too will be removed. I’ll put up a post to remind people about this when it’s soon to happen.

Thanks, all!

kendricks-annas: [on his kids knowing he’s Thor] One of them...

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[on his kids knowing he’s Thor] One of them thinks it’s awesome. He won’t let me cut his hair, he runs around the house and he’s got a little hammer. And the other two are like, “ugh, who cares?”. So one out of three is good and I’m gonna get rid of the other two.

nimium-amatrix-ingenii-sui: Entulessë by yours truly Here must...

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Entulessë by yours truly

Here must be told of the custom that when a ship departed from Númenor over the Great Sea to Middle-earth a woman, most often of the captain’s kin, should set upon the vessel’s prow the Green Bough of Return; and that was cut from the tree oiolairë, that signifies ‘Ever-summer’, which the Eldar gave to the Númenóreans, saying that they set it upon their own ships in token of friendship with Ossë and Uinen. The leaves of that tree were evergreen, glossy and fragrant; and it throve upon sea-air.

I love this Númenórean custom. I love the sea and old-fashioned wooden ships. I love Tolkien’s Númenórean carpet ornaments. I felt like doing something simple and bright and summery. And that’s the whole story behind this, really.

Don't Believe Those Who Wish To Diminish Digital Rights By Falsely Implying It's All Big Tech Lobbying

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Andres Guadamuz:

As we have been covering in the last couple of weeks, a controversial EU Copyright Directive has been under discussion at the European Parliament, and in a surprising turn of events, it voted to reject fast-tracking the tabled proposal by the JURI Committee which contained controversial proposals, particularly in Art 11 and Art 13. The proposed Directive will now get a full discussion and debate in plenary in September.

I say surprising because for those of us who have been witnesses (and participants) to the Copyright Wars for the last 20 years, such a defeat of copyright maximalist proposals is practically unprecedented, perhaps with the exception of SOPA/PIPA. For years we’ve had a familiar pattern in the passing of copyright legislation: a proposal has been made to enhance protection and/or restrict liberties, a small group of ageing millionaire musicians would be paraded supporting the changes in the interest of creators. Only copyright nerds and a few NGOs and digital rights advocates would complain, their opinions would be ignored and the legislation would pass unopposed. Rinse and repeat.

But something has changed, and a wide coalition has managed to defeat powerful media lobbies for the first time in Europe, at least for now. How was this possible?

The main change is that the media landscape is very different thanks to the Internet. In the past, the creative industries were monolithic in their support for stronger protection, and they included creators, corporations, collecting societies, publishers, and distributors; in other words the gatekeepers and the owners were roughly on the same side. But the Internet brought a number of new players, the tech industry and their online platforms and tools became the new gatekeepers. Moreover, as people do not buy physical copies of their media and the entire industry has moved towards streaming, online distributors have become more powerful. This has created a perceived imbalance, where the formerly dominating industries need to negotiate with the new gatekeepers for access to users. This is why creators complain about a value gap between what they perceive they should be getting, and what they actually receive from the giants.

The main result of this change from a political standpoint is that now we have two lobbying sides in the debate, which makes all the difference when it comes to this type of legislation. In the past, policymakers could ignore experts and digital rights advocates because they never had the potential to reach them, letters and articles by academics were not taken into account, or given lip service during some obscure committee discussion just to be hidden away. Tech giants such as Google have provided lobbying access in Brussels, which has at least leveled the playing field when it comes to presenting evidence to legislators.

As a veteran of the Copyright Wars, I have to admit that it has been very entertaining reading the reaction from the copyright industry lobby groups and their individual representatives, some almost going apoplectic with rage at Google’s intervention. These tend to be the same people who spent decades lobbying legislators to get their way unopposed, representing large corporate interests unashamedly and passing laws that would benefit only a few, usually to the detriment of users. It seems like lobbying must be decried when you lose.

But to see this as a victory for Google and other tech giants completely ignores the large coalition that shares the view that the proposed Articles 11 and 13 are very badly thought-out, and could represent a real danger to existing rights. Some of us have been fighting this fight when Google did not even exist, or it was but a small competitor of AltaVista, Lycos, Excite and Yahoo!

At the same time that more restrictive copyright legislation came into place, we also saw the rise of free and open source software, open access, Creative Commons and open data. All of these are legal hacks that allow sharing, remixing and openness. These were created precisely to respond to restrictive copyright practices. I also remember how they were opposed as existential threats by the same copyright industries, and treated with disdain and animosity. But something wonderful happened, eventually open source software started winning (we used to buy operating systems), and Creative Commons became an important part of the Internet’s ecosystem by propping-up valuable common spaces such as Wikipedia.

Similarly, the Internet has allowed a great diversity of actors to emerge. Independent creators, small and medium enterprises, online publishers and startups love the Internet because it gives them access to a wider audience, and often they can bypass established gatekeepers. Lost in this idiotic “Google v musicians” rhetoric has been the threat that both Art 11 and 13 represent to small entities. Art 11 proposes a new publishing right that has been proven to affect smaller players in Germany and Spain; while Art 13 would impose potentially crippling economic restrictions to smaller companies as they would have to put in place automated filtering systems AND redress mechanisms against mistakes. In fact, it has been often remarked that Art 13 would benefit existing dominant forces, as they already have filtering in place (think ContentID).

Similarly, Internet advocates and luminaries see the proposals as a threat to the Internet, the people who know the Web best think that this is a bad idea. If you can stomach it, read this thread featuring a copyright lobbyist attacking Neil Gaiman, who has been one of the Internet celebrities that have voiced their concerns about the Directive.

Even copyright experts who almost never intervene in digital rights affairs the have been vocal in their opposition to the changes.

And finally we have political representatives from various parties and backgrounds who have been vocally opposed to the changes. While the leader of the political opposition has been the amazing Julia Reda, she has managed to bring together a variety of voices from other parties and countries. The vitriol launched at her has been unrelenting, but futile. It has been quite a sight to see her opponents both try to dismiss her as just another clueless young Pirate commanded by Google, while at the same time they try to portray her as a powerful enemy in charge of the mindless and uninformed online troll masses ready to do her bidding.

All of the above managed to do something wonderful, which was to convey the threat in easy-to-understand terms so that users could contact their representatives and make their voice heard. The level of popular opposition to the Directive has been a great sight to behold.

Tech giants did not create this alliance, they just gave various voices access to the table. To dismiss this as Google’s doing completely ignores the very real and rich tapestry of those defending digital rights, and it is quite clearly patronizing and insulting, and precisely the reason why they lost. It was very late until they finally realized that they were losing the debate with the public, and not even the last-minute deployment of musical dinosaurs could save the day.

But the fight continues, keep contacting your MEPs and keep applying pressure.


D&D Bird Alignments

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Lawful good- Hummingbirds. Just look at them and tell me they aren’t blessed paladins of all things good. You can’t.

Neutral good- Finches and sparrows. Peepers. Harmless.

Chaotic good- Parrots? Some are nice birbs but the screetches and the bites..

Lawful neutral- Red winged blackbirds. Insect eater, pretty songs but will heck you up if you get too close to their babies.

True neutral- Pigeons. Bob ya head and coo.

Chaotic neutral- POOTOO

Lawful evil- Shrikes. Birds gotta eat.

Neutral evil- Starlings. Fuck you for killing baby birds.

Chaotic evil- GEESE.

Go, little paladin!


Your next character is a Knight Hummingbird

Also chaotic evil: Seagulls. 

Have you ever met a hummingbird? They’re aggressive and cocky as shit. I’ve seen those little bastards divebomb hawks. Repeatedly. They’ll attack each other for territory and food. Or just for shits and giggles. They are manic little daredevils.They’re not Paladins. I’m not sure what they are, but they’re definitely not Paladins.