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The local motto: “A little science. A little magic. A little chicken soup.”
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petermorwood: addignisherlock: Urgent commission ( to pay for vet expenses ) Hi everyone! I need...

Mon, 03/19/2018 - 20:46



Urgent commission ( to pay for vet expenses )

Hi everyone! I need this kind of urgently to pay for my cats’ vet expenses. I have two cats:

This is meng. She’s female, around 10 years old.

This is mong. Male, also around 10 years old, fat, and mid last year he fell sick and it turned out to be Urinary Tract Infection.

They’re both old, and it’s been a long time since they had a health check up and recently mong in particular has ben meowing and whining a lot more and spraying everywhere. He’s never done that in the past few years so I’m just really concerned if it’s because something is not ok with him.

I know this might not seem very urgent to some, but I love them more than anything else and I want to get then checked up as soon as possible. I just need to get at least $250 to pay off for all possible expenses, so I’m opening up a bunch of quick commissions. Here’s the price list:

Greyscale - US$40 for single character, $60 for two characters

Chibi - US$10 for single character, US$13 for two characters

It’s not limited to Sherlock fandom. I can draw other fandoms as well, just provide me with a reference. I also do personal drawings (if you want me to draw you or your friend, etc), just provide me with a reference photo.

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If interested, please contact me via my email:

addigni.art@gmail.com Thank you!!

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A reminder that Addigni’s art can be other fandoms besides BBC!Sherlock, in connection with which I’ve reminded @dduane of a comment she made a while back about fantasy-casting Benedict Cumberbatch* as The Lone Power.

Also, cats.

(*And his Voice, though this would be difficult to represent in a drawing…)

Signal boost, friends…

Okay, this gave me the snorts. :)But more to the point: I think...

Sun, 03/04/2018 - 20:03

Okay, this gave me the snorts. :)

But more to the point: I think the ad agency has changed tack and hired on better writers. Which is good for everybody.