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The Department of Unexpected Interspecies Friendship is celebrating Caturday by enjoying these photos of a floofy grey cat and a teeny-tiny chipmunk hanging out together on a lovely day.

Redditor _GoldGuy_ watched and took photos as his impressively laid-back cat befriended a chipmunk. The two were tentative at first, but eventually the tiny, stripy rodent was lounging on the cat’s fluffy back and later nestling under his even floofier belly.

[via Bored Panda]

When you roll a 23 and charm the dragon.


we-are-rogue: Adalia de Volador by Julien Fenoglio This is...

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Adalia de Volador by Julien Fenoglio

This is what En Garde’s main character looks like, at the end of pre-production


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You have been visited by the Public Domain Etrog Photo of Double Friendship. Reblog today and you will have two new good friends by Sukkot.

mirrorfalls: Fundamentalist fearmongering video: This dungeon “master” is given complete control and...

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Fundamentalist fearmongering video: This dungeon “master” is given complete control and “players” must do whatever dark things are demanded of them.

Real DM: Please, just cross the river. You’ve all tried to seduce the catfish and it didn’t work. I’m begging you.

(chuckle) From this month’s French edition of FLOW Magazine: the...

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(chuckle) From this month’s French edition of FLOW Magazine: the French translation of that quote from So You Want To Be A Wizard. (via @makiwi at Twitter)

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knight: rides into battle without helmet everyone: gives him strange looks
knight: “kitty was sleeping in it”
everyone: nods in agreement


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The International Phonetic Alphabet consonants found in English, with keywords and relevant parts of the mouth highlighted and colour-coded. (Source.) 

Pronouncing each of these in sequence is a very strange and amusing physical sensation, and I highly recommend it.

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i Still cant believe sneaking out is an Actual thing that teenagers Do

this is just so unrealistic to me like what the fuck how do yall do it??? i have Arguments and Questions

1. like what am i supposed to do if i live in a building??? do i just wait for the elevator?? do i take the stairs?? mind me there could be a Lot of stairs
2. how THE FUCK do yall manage to do all this shit without waking anyone up?? this is So Fake!! if i so much as sneeze into my pillow my mom will come into my room and see if my ass is okay and then complain that i woke her up
4. if my mom found out that id been going places in the middle of the night u bet your ass id be dead the next day
5. i dont believe in this concept At All

i mean i guess it’s possible the way american houses are built but it’s still a bit far fetched imo but yea growing up in Puerto Rico in an urbanizacion it was like lmao you can’t sneak out in a house like that. first of all our windows are miami style of whatever, second of all there’s only 1 functioning door (technically our house had 2 but 1 of them had potted plants on both sides so it was never used but in any case both were on the same side of the house), and the house is so small like you would hear someone opening and closing it. plus you just know at least 1 person on your street would be up and would spill that piping hot tea to your parents the next day.

so my sister snuck out of the house one night because we live in an old house in the country that’s always creaking and “settling” which, good news: is perfect for sneaking out because there’s always weird noises anyway; bad news: we’re in the middle of the woods and there’s always creepy fucking noises

but hey, what are white girls gonna do except sneak out at night and through the woods to go have sex with their boyfriends?

what could go wrong??

and I do literally mean through the woods. our driveway is a quarter of a mile long through actual wooded area, and she wasn’t smart enough to grab a flashlight. but she could sort of see the headlights of her boyfriend’s car at the very end so it wasn’t so bad going down to be picked up

except when she got dropped off, she had to make the trip back up the driveway, through the dark scary woods, with no light whatsoever, at like 3 am or some other Gonna Get White Girl Murdered time

and she was high as fuuuuuuuuuuck

so she’s creeping her way back up the driveway, trying to move slow or else she’ll fall off the ground and get lost in the sky forever. really fucking high

then she steps on a frog

because we also have a 3 acre “pond” like our property isn’t fucking creepy enough already and my first-time-to-ever-be-high sister stepped on a FROG and apparently it both squished and belched, and keep in mind that with no light whatsoever she doesn’t know what the fuck just happened AT ALL

I wake up to a series of frantic text messages

hlp he lp HEL

dont’ tell momd and dad

i jsut murdered somtheing

also, just for context, this is also the sister that pierced her own ears and gave herself a stick’n’poke tattoo with a lighter and my mom’s sewing needle because she “got restless” and picked a fight with a girl two grades above, half a foot taller, and probably a hundred pounds heavier AND WON

(it doesn’t matter if you’re smol if you get ‘em on the ground and get on top)


so waking up to an “I just murdered something” text from her was … actually kind of inevitable. siblings are either ride or die or no officer I’ve never seen that person before, and that night, I decided I was ride or die

so then I take MY dumb white girl ass out into the woods in the middle of the night, but at least I’m smart enough to take a flashlight. sister had already texted me she was “onthe driveways” but again, that’s a quarter mile journey

finally I arrive at the scene of the crime

sister: sitting in the gravel, crying, makeup a Mess

frog: laying still beside her, looking like a slightly smaller Jabba the Hut

she points at the frog and sobs that it’s a heart. obviously a frog. a fucking BIG ASS frog, but still. I’m relieved, but also super pissed, because I drug myself out of bed, snuck out too, and dangled my sumptuous human body in front of all the Forest Monsters on my way down here and there isn’t even a fucking body

just a frog, which I pick up to show her is not a heart, and turns out to only be stunned! not dead! still very much alive and full of pee!!

so it pisses all over me and slimes out of my hand, escaping into the night

also, I totally held my sister’s hand with my Piss Hand as I led her back home because she deserved it

this was a goddamned journey


It took so long to read this I was trying not to laugh in front of my boss

I mean, I don’t have a funny story like that, but I snuck out of my parents’ house when I was 15 to go to the library. I just waited until my dad left for work and then an hour to make sure he wouldn’t be back, then walked the 9 miles to the library.

I didn’t sneak OUT when I was a kid because my parents had a security system that would go off if you opened a window and my dad slept on the couch right next to the alarm itself, but I had to sneak food my senior year because my dad didn’t let me eat much.

So I’d wait until he was asleep and snoring, then sneak into the kitchen to make myself a sandwich. My dad would count bread slices every day to make sure I wasn’t eating a shit ton of bread, so I made a “stacked sandwich” - bread, 3 slices of cheese spaced with layers of lunch meat, bread, 3 slices of cheese spaced with layers off lunch meat, bread. One sandwich about the thickness of a family-sized box of cereal.

The biggest challenge was getting the fridge open. Slipping my index fingernail and then finger between the seals would break the seal and then I could open the fridge without having to jerk on it and possibly wake up my dad.

Also I did this all in the light of the television and if my dad stopped snoring or made a noise, I dropped behind the counter and waited until he started snoring again before I finished making my sandwich. Then I’d stuff it under my shirt against my side, wrapped in paper towels, and creep back to my room to eat.

earthlynation:Black Squirrel. Source

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Black Squirrel. Source

Chiming in on the Mother’s Day stuff- thank you so very much for writing so many positive parent/child relationships in the YW-verse. Seeing families supporting and bickering but being so very present for each other is a gift. And, as hard as AWD was...

DD's Tumblr - Sun, 05/13/2018 - 23:12

You’re most welcome.

Re The Wizard’s Dilemma: that was my mom, standing (as it were) behind Nita’s. Even forty years after her death, there were still internal issues to be dealt with… so I dealt with them there. It’s heartening to see how many other people that book has aided in dealing with their own pain, and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity.

Several years ago on LiveJournal, I was in a community for people to recommend books to read after Harry Potter. I reviewed the young wizards series (love it), "it's like wizardry for engineers", and someone claiming to be you responded. If it was,...

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It sounds like something I might have said. :) (Which doesn’t necessarily mean it *was* me, mind you, because people have occasionally impersonated me… but whatever.) I’m glad you’ve been having fun with the books. And please greet your Mom for me and let her know I’m glad she’s enjoying them too. :)

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How dare some one own something that a. might have been a gift, b. might have been bought before they fell into poverty, c. might have been on sale/at a thrift store, or d. IT’S ALSO NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS



PS If anyone knows the person in the original photo, you can let them know they have the backing/support of an angry valkyrie

I had to shut down one of my friends on this the other day as well. I own a pair of New Rocks. I bought them when I was better off, and the fact that I owned them didn’t stop me from slowly starving to death 5 years down the line. Boots like that are a surprisingly good investment because my gods, they are built to LAST. I have taken my boots larping, worn them for three days straight in some awful terrain and they’re nearly 8 years old at this point and showing no signs of giving up the ghost.

So yeah, I have expensive boots. As the lovely Shinga said, all the better for stomping on a moptherfucker’s throat.

Splurging on a $100 pair of shoes with sturdy soles and good support (although not very stylish) has saved me about $70 this year because I’m not constantly buying new ones to replace the ones that get worn out. It has also saved me significantly more in hospital visits because having that support has prevented damage to my knees, hips, ankles, and lower back. 

If you’re already throwing down $100 on a pair of shoes that are going to last you a long time, you might as well put in to make it fit your personal aesthetic since you’re probably going to be wearing them a lot. 

This is like those busybodies who shame people who use EBT to buy literally anything other than the absolute bargain basement crap at the store. Man, the looksI used to get whenI was on SNAP benefits. Like, if I’m gonna work a 45-50 hour week and still not have enough to pay rent and electricity at the same time you better believe I’m gonna treat myself to some decent food at the end of a long-ass week. I’m poor and exhausted and hungry and I’m making a cheap steak tonight, die mad about it.

The shittiest thing about it is like, you have to ‘play your part’.  If you try to enjoy anything nice with small windfall or whatever, you’re shat on for having it because either you’re not poor so what are you complaining about or you ARE poor and you’re not allowed any enjoyment.  Your part in this bullshit play is to be miserable and quiet, background characters.

AND THEN on another front, buying well-made goods is an investment.  Get lucky enough to buy something nice that’ll last a while? No, you shoulda bought something cheap to ‘save money’.  You should have kept living day to day instead of trying to INVEST and get ahead.

Being comfortable and getting out of the hole life’s put you in?  That’s not in the script and that pisses people off.

“The reason that the rich were so rich, Vimes reasoned, was because they managed to spend less money.

Take boots, for example. He earned thirty-eight dollars a month plus allowances. A really good pair of leather boots cost fifty dollars. But an affordable pair of boots, which were sort of OK for a season or two and then leaked like hell when the cardboard gave out, cost about ten dollars. Those were the kind of boots Vimes always bought, and wore until the soles were so thin that he could tell where he was in Ankh-Morpork on a foggy night by the feel of the cobbles.

But the thing was that good boots lasted for years and years. A man who could afford fifty dollars had a pair of boots that’d still be keeping his feet dry in ten years’ time, while the poor man who could only afford cheap boots would have spent a hundred dollars on boots in the same time and would still have wet feet.

This was the Captain Samuel Vimes ‘Boots’ theory of socioeconomic unfairness.”
Terry Pratchett, Men at Arms:

$200 isn’t even high-end. Sheesh.

Take it from a middle-class person who used to be poor: It is much, much cheaper to have money, for precisely the reasons Sam Vimes explains.

For the calligraphy fans out there: the formal Instrument of...

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For the calligraphy fans out there: the formal Instrument of Consent to the upcoming UK royal wedding. (via the excellent Alastair Bruce on Twitter)

More #cockygate...

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This sad, infuriating traincrash of a situation continues to develop.

BTW, just a word for those of you who aren’t sure why I’m following this issue so closely: This particular attempted “landgrab” in Romancelandia is the thin edge of a destructive wedge that could ultimately be driven into almost any genre, including but not limited to SF and fantasy. So watching how this is handled will be interesting to me for some time (and the rejection of this particular attempt to trademark could take months). If you find this subject boring, I encourage you to blacklist the tag “cockygate”.

But the potential chilling effect the success of this trademark application could have across the romance genre, and then elsewhere, is not to be discounted. People’s incomes have already been impacted by it, as Amazon – often known for its shoot-first-ask-questions-later attitude toward disputes surrounding independent authors’ work – began taking down “infringing” books without examining the dynamics or merits of the situation or the trademark. (But more of this later.) And it has the potential to give a lot of genuine moneygrubbers very bad ideas about how they might score a quick buck, and cause a lot of authors a lot of pain, in other genres. (Noting here in passing that Cory Doctorow shares my concerns about this.)

In any case, expect me to post occasional bulletins on Cockygate as it goes forward. Because (for example) if someone tries to trademark the word “wizards”, where the hell am I? (And it could happen. It wasn’t too long ago that someone tried to trademark “space marines”…)

Anyway. Some highlights from the past business week (and don’t expect this to be exhaustive, or always in chronological order):

(Tucking a cut in here so as to be kind to other people’s dashboards…)

Possibly of the most significance because it affects the most people: Amazon.com has responded to the Romance Writers of America’s inquiry about the removal of books using “cocky” in the title, some of them preceding the trademarking of the word (meaning they should have been immune / uninvolved). Amazon stated they will remove no more authors’ books until this issue is resolved, and will reinstate books that have been removed. See this tweet. There are apparently still issues surrounding affected paperbacks issued via Amazon’s arm at CreateSpace being reinstated: no news yet as to action on this front.

Faleena Hopkins, the author who filed the double trademark on the word “cocky” (both as just the word in text form for use in an ebook romance series, and a graphical version of it in the font shown at the top of this post*), has tweeted once or twice this week – the latest time being a few days ago – and has fallen noticeably silent as things heated up. Possible reasons for this include the increasingly visible involvement of actual lawyers moving to support the writers whose books were removed from sale by Amazon, and/or the largely negative (toward her) media attention, and/or the law firm she was using to threaten other writers finally taking notice of her actions and telling her to cut it out. (Because you do not issue your own C&D letters in cases like this, which she has been doing: nor make the kind of claims in them that she was making, along the lines of “My lawyers say that when I take you to court I will inevitably win and you will have to pay me any money you made from your book with the word ‘cocky’ in it. So change your title NOW** before I come after you.”)

Hopkins also recorded as a response, late at night on or around May 8th, an hour-and-a-half-long Facebook Live author video that I’m increasingly sorry I didn’t get a chance to examine before it was taken down. It migrated briefly to YouTube and then that version was taken down as well. All we have left is the brave Jenny Trout’s reactions to watching the whole video. Re the tweet stream linked to in the post above: Warning for (understandably, if you ask me) adult language.

Hopkins’ FB author page has been deleted and her personal FB page has been purged several times now, first of posts publicly disparaging other authors whom she was targeting, and (afterwards) accusing others of bullying her. Nothing now remains there but positive posts from fans, dating back from the time all this started to blow up, or previous to it. Screenshots of the offensive posts are floating around, but again, you’ll have to hunt for them yourselves if you’re interested. Meanwhile, Hopkins’ profile info on her Twitter page has been changed from something about sitting around eating mint chocolate chip ice cream while enjoying other people’s impotent anger at what she’d done, to “Cyberbullying is no joke. Enough.” It seems never to have  crossed her mind that someone, indeed a lot of someones, might object publicly to what she’d done and/or say so to her directly.

Elsewhere: in the UK, the Guardian takes notice and then declares “cocky” the word of the week.

A Twitter user contacts the United States Marine Corps and discovers that the use of “Marine” by Faleena Hopkins in a book title (”Cocky Marine”) is apparently itself a trademark violation. See this tweet and responses in the thread following.

Numerous romance writers have hastened to publish books on Amazon featuring “Cocky” in the title, some of them erotica, some of them romance, all of them assumed to contain a fair dose of satire, irony or both. I look forward to picking up a few of these. :) You can view a representative sample at cockyandproud.com.

A legal writer at “The Passive Voice” goes into detail about the trademark issue.

There is also a longer and more technical article here concerning what trademarks are and what they do, and how US trademark law differs from that in much of the rest of the world.

Also via Kevin Kneupper, trademark attorney, for reference purposes: an article on who has the right to try to overturn a trademark.

From Ilona Andrews’ blog: a very dry take on the things in the romance field that Hopkins was overreacting to.

At Jami Gold’s blog: an overview of the #cockygate situation, plus thoughts on independent-author branding in general.

Not linked to here: an annoying article from some stringer at the NY Daily News that attributes the present ruckus to (paraphrasing) those overreacting ditzy female romance authors. You should have no trouble finding it if you want to,  but I decline to boost that rag’s online visibility if I can help it. (It was an honorable newspaper once, as tabloids go, but since Rupert Murdoch bought it those days are long gone.)

(sigh) So, enough of that for one day. Back to writing….

*BTW, the creator of the font(s) involved (Northwell and Northwell Alt) has not authorized them for such use and has specifically stated they are not to be used for trademarking items – making Hopkins’ use of it in her trademark filing illegal. (It’s quite a nice brush font, btw. I bought a copy of it myself.)

** “…and the book names on all your covers, and in your keywords, and your cover art, and on all the PR things [book swag, etc] you’ve already paid for, which are all garbage now… and get them redone at your expense.” Which for an indie author, depending on their genre and circumstances, can run into hundreds if not thousands of dollars.


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The traffic looks bad on Hollywood Boulevard today…(via...

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The traffic looks bad on Hollywood Boulevard today…

(via Marshall Julius on Twitter)

Stephen King's Top 20 Rules For Writers

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Stephen King's Top 20 Rules For Writers:

Every word here is sound. And remember how I’ve been shouting at you guys to write to make yourselves happy. and the hell with the audience? King agrees with me. Says it several times, in fact. So.