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advertisingpics:Ain’t no party like a prune party, 1958

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Ain’t no party like a prune party, 1958

wessasaurus-rex:Comic books. 

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Comic books. 

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Dust, stars, and cosmic rays swirling around Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, captured by the Rosetta probe. (Source)




That cliff is a kilometer high. is Here’s what you’re actually looking at:


i was wondering

Not only is this shit cool as hell but you gotta realize how unbelievably remarkable of a task this is and how hard it was to pull off.

Humans managed to send a tiny hunk of metal stuffed with electronics millions and millions and millions of miles away through this hostile, airless envionent to land (without breaking it!) on the equivalent of a dirty snowball shooting though outer space

That’s like shooting a bullet from LA to London and hitting a moving target that’s only one foot across, and having the bullet survive the ordeal unscathed.

Plus! We humans developed a way to videotape and transmit pictures from this snowball in space so we know what it’s like to stand the surface.

I mean, is that not mind blowingly amazing???

advertisingpics:Naugahyde advert [600 x 403]

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Naugahyde advert [600 x 403]

stephlewart:Koi Princess Mermaid

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Koi Princess Mermaid

So, Diane, prior to Infinity War, I saw a preview for a movie that seems to be starring the Mastershark? It's called The Meg and it's about megalodon attacks. I just looked at the screen and muttered, "My gods, it's Ed."

DD's Tumblr - Tue, 05/01/2018 - 18:46

Unless it’s at least 100 feet long, it’s not about Ed. :)

The megalodon is estimated to have been about 18m / just-shy-of-60-ft long. My guess is that Ed could bite off a megalodon’s head without TOO much trouble and take his time over the rest. An entree-sized serving. But not a really BIG entree. …He might want a fishie bag afterwards. :)

(The earlier post on the subject, with my graphic: http://dduane.tumblr.com/post/133000137476/is-ed-in-book-two-of-the-young-wizards-series-a 

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The world’s tiniest dragon must defend his hoard, a single gold coin, from those who would steal it.

Suggestion: The dragon’s definition of “steal” is somewhat loose. It still allows the coin to be used and bartered and change hands–but on one condition: the dragon must be with it at all times.

They become a familiar sight in the marketplace.

“Here’s your change, ma'am. One gold piece.” The merchant holds out a palm, on top of which rests a tiny, brilliantly colored creature clutching a single gold coin.

“That’s a dragon,” you say dumbly. “One piece… and a dragon.”


You cautiously reach out and attempt to take your change. You tug. It holds. You tug harder. The dragon lets loose a tiny, protective growl.

“Ma'am–no, ma'am, you have to take the dragon, too.”


The seller notes your dubious expression. “Not from around here, are ya?” They shrug. “Them’s the rules. Take the coin, take the dragon.”

They wait expectantly. Wondering how the world has so suddenly gone mad, you slowly, slowly hold out your hand.

The dragon perks right up. It scampers from their palm to yours with the coin clamped in its jaws and scales your sleeve with sharp little claws.

“Have a nice day, ma'am,” the merchant says. “Spend him soon, now, you hear? At another booth, if you can. He likes to travel.”

From its perch upon your shoulder, the dragon lets out a happy trill.

Bonus: the coin eventually passes to the rogue in a group of travelling adventurers. The dragon becomes the mascot of the entire group, and they lay out a small pile of coins for him to sleep on every night, clutching his coin like a teddy bear.

This is so pure I am in love

Where is the fanart? I need a fanart.

I need this on a shirt

Let me see what I can do

Can the dragon say ‘i am fire, i am destruction’?

Merch: Hoodie | Sweatshirt | Women’s Tee | Tank Top | Tee | Mug

peregyr:tiny songbird gryphons! these will be stickers &...

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tiny songbird gryphons! these will be stickers & charms; i’m opening up a new shop. more info to come soon!

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who was the fool who was tasked with naming the galaxy and the only adjective they could think of was ‘mmmmmmmmmmmmilky…’

scientist: (gazing up at space) 
scientist: ……….. it sure is a milky boy 




When it came time to name the two theoretical particle types that might be dark matter THEY INTENTIONALLY CHOSE THE NAMES SO THAT THE ACRONYMS WOULD SPELL “WIMPS” AND “MACHOS” I SHIT YOU NOT


I just listened to a talk by Neil deGrasse Tyson himself LAST NIGHT and he went on about this more than once.

“I’m walking down the street and I’m like ‘ooh pretty rock…’ and some Geologist is like ‘actually, that’s anorthosite feldspar’ and I’m like ‘Nevermind, I don’t want it anymore.’ Any biologists in the audience? [some clapping] Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. The most important molecule in the human body, what did you name it? It has NINE SYLLABLES and it’s so long that even YOU GUYS abbreviate it as ‘DNA’!

But astrophysicists and astronomers? No, man, we call it like we see it. Star made of neutrons? NEUTRON STAR. Small white star? WHITE DWARF. You know that big red spot on Jupiter? Know what we called it? JUPITER’S RED SPOT.”

okay i’m glad you mentioned the biologist nonsense bc their naming methods are the bane of my existence

I see your astrophysicists-are-shit-at-names and raise you Marine-Biologists-Are-Fucking-Maniacs.

See this beautiful creature?

It’s a carnivorous deep-sea sponge that lives off of Easter Island and never sees the light of day, as it’s about 9000 feet down. Those delicate-looking orbs are covered in millions of tiny hooked spines, which latch onto anything unfortunate enough to bump into it, and hold it in place as it is digested alive by the sponge’s skin.  Amazing, beautiful and profoundly creepy.  They could have given it so many cool names.  Could have drawn on mythology (I think Scylla would have been an appropriate reference), the region it was found in, the textured skin, PHAGOCYTOSIS, anything!  

You wanna know what they called it?


Good job, marine biologists.

It’s a great name and you need to leave if you think otherwise

It wasn’t named that by modern astronomers. The Hellenistic[1] Greek name for that feature of the sky was galaxias kyklos; in Hellenistic Greek, galaxias means something like “milky” (from the root galakt-, gala- meaning milk) and kyklos means “circle”. So, the Greeks called it the “Milk Circle” or “Milky Circle”, because they tended to describe large-scale sky-related phenomena as circles(see the zodiac) and because milk was their goto metaphor for its appearance. And yes, that means “Milky Way Galaxy” is a case of rhetorical redundancy.

[1]Technically, all Greeks at all times are “Hellenistic” since Hellene is what the Greeks called themselves. The Hellenistic here refers to the “Hellenistic Period”.

Links go to the relevant wikipedia entries.

There was also a myth that the galaxias kyklos was created by a casual splash of Hera’s breast milk. I forget who she was nursing at the time. 

inkxlenses: Dancing in Starlight (Michael Cinco)

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Dancing in Starlight (Michael Cinco)

sunsethummingbird: la-knight: poisongrrrl: poisongrrrl: so the fosta/sesta bill just got passed....

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so the fosta/sesta bill just got passed. i am so sad and i am so mad but i am not surprised. im in shock but im not surprised. they dont care about us.

already women have gone missing. already women have killed themselves. its been days.

i have spent the year applying to job after job and getting nowhere. you wanna know why that is? cause i lack ‘vital qualifications’. you wanna know why THAT is? cause i missed too much school due to mental health issues. that wasn’t my fault. 

without a miracle, this was my only means to earn money. when i really needed it, it was there for me. i am lucky in that i have a supportive family and i’m young so they can help me. not every girl is as lucky as me. 

there are hundreds or thousands of women who NEED this job to survive. to feed themselves. to pay rent. to feed their FAMILIES. their CHILDREN.

women are being forced to turn to pimps. many abusive. many manipulative.  any resources they had to find clients on their own have now been stripped away.



i know some people like to bury their heads in the sand about things like this so heres some shit that might just effect you:

from now on, there are no more free condoms in america, even just in a doctors office. you have a teen? theyre gonna wanna have sex. unprotected now.

you wanna post a body posi nude pic on insta? BANNED. in lingerie? nuh uh honey.

even just erotic fiction and sex toys have started to be hidden on amazon.

and for sex workers, any social media (twitter. insta, facebook) in which ur indicating you may be a sex worker will be removed. 

PayPal has seized over 100 million dollars of SUSPECTED sex workers money. 100 MILLION.

sex worker support groups in the us are no longer a safe space sw’s can go to.

i don’t even know what to do now. how do we reverse this? can we?


we need 55k more signs…by the 26th. i literally want to cry

@nerdygaymormon @markruffalo @dduane @lorienkittybooks @books-and-cookies @5007 @slytherin-bookworm-guy @neil-gaiman @lovelyowlsbooks @thatsthat24

I’m basically tagging anyone I know that I have had actual conversations with who has a wide following in the hopes that we can reach the signature goal to get this repealed. This bill puts sex workers in danger and actually makes it harder to trace and apprehend sex traffickers. It does the opposite of what it is claiming to do.

The amazing Sailor J sums it up in about 4 minutes


How Universal Fan Con imploded

DD's Tumblr - Wed, 04/25/2018 - 08:49
How Universal Fan Con imploded:


Universal Fan Con, a Kickstarter-funded convention celebrating diversity in fandom, has been “postponed” with just a week’s notice. With mixed messages from the organizers and no refunds guaranteed, ticketholders are in uproar.

Fan Con billed itself as the “First multi-fandom Con dedicated to inclusion, highlighting Women, LGBTQ, the Disabled and Persons of Color.” Its lead organizers are Robert Butler of The Black Geeks, and Black Girl Nerds creator Jamie Broadnax. Both flourished as independent voices in geek culture, offering an alternative to the predominantly white and male mainstream. Now, BGN writers are now publicly distancing themselves from the site.

What happened to Universal Fan Con?

Ticketholders are complaining about two key issues: money and a lack of transparency. The postponement news came out of nowhere, one week before the convention was due to begin on April 27. Some attendees received cancellation notices from hotels before they heard from the convention itself. Later, the organizers sent out an email that accidentally CC’d everyone instead of BCC-ing, revealing hundreds of private email addresses.

On April 20, the organizers confirmed the con was “postponed until further notice.” The official statement echoed a familiar story from other canceled conventions: The organizers had bitten off more than they could chew.

“As we built out our floorplan, invited guests, figured out lodging/travel arrangements, and confirmed activities, our costs started to grow exponentially. Unfortunately, the support we were anticipating in terms of ticket sales and sponsorships did not materialize.”

The organizers now say they “are determining how we can support refunds.” In other words, people may not get their money back. This may not be a big deal to locals who bought day passes, but some Kickarter backers bought VIP packages ranging from $500 to $5,000. The final Kickstarter tally was $56,498, with the organizers claiming to have put “significant personal investments” into the project as well.


thiddlestonismyknight: lokiloveforever: whitetigrrrr: what are we meant to do after infinity...

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what are we meant to do after infinity war?

Fix everything with fan fiction

starwarscardtradercollection: Y-Wing fighter (Joe...

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Y-Wing fighter (Joe Johnston)

During the course of the raid on the Death Star in Star Wars: A New Hope, rebel X-Wing fighters were joined by the equally well-designed Y-Wing fighters. These super-fast ships worked in unison, fighting off enemy TIE attacks and launching torpedoes where they’d do the most good. Original concept sketch by Joe Johnston.

Diane Duane is Coming to CrossingsCon 2019!

DD's Tumblr - Tue, 04/24/2018 - 21:31


CrossingsCon is pleased to announce our first guest for 2019: the one, the only, Diane Duane! Appearing in person at CrossingsCon for the first time ever, @dianeduane is the beloved creator of the series that makes us laugh, cry, question our place in the Universe, and wait for our cats to talk back (in a language we understand): the Young Wizards Series.

Diane Duane has been writing for books, comics, film, and TV for over 30 years. In addition to the 11-and-counting books in the Young Wizards series, she has written numerous other books, including some of the best-loved Star Trek novels. For more information, check out our guests page, or check her out on twitter and tumblr!

And we have another piece of big news: registration for the convention and the Sunday tour is now open! Badges are $50 for adults and $35 for kids 12 and under—and if you’re 3 or younger, you get in for free. Get your badge now and avoid the June rush!

CrossingsCon 2019 will take place June 21-23 of 2019, at the Hyatt Regency Montreal, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. For more information about our venue, see our website.

We are so excited to have Diane join us! We look forward to seeing both her and you at CrossingsCon 2019!

It’s all true. :) I AM EXCITE.

CrossingsCon 2019: I’ll be there!

Out of Ambit - Tue, 04/24/2018 - 18:09

I am absolutely delighted to announce that I’ve been asked to attend 2019’s CrossingsCon — the third incarnation of the world’s only Young Wizards-based sf/fantasy/media convention — and everything’s come…

The post CrossingsCon 2019: I’ll be there! appeared first on Out of Ambit.

slide-effect: notonyourbarricade: It was a huge disappointment as a child to fall in love with the...

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It was a huge disappointment as a child to fall in love with the stars and then find out how much math it requires to get anywhere near them. 

Shoutout to everyone that had a dream career or ideal life but were roadblocked by math

Got another dream career instead, though. So there’s that.

What is your favorite dinosaur, and could you beat that dinosaur in a fight?

DD's Tumblr - Sun, 04/22/2018 - 12:51

My favorite dinosaur?

Hands down – this one.

Opossaurius mesocentralis senior, otherwise known as Sehnjhfhhihhnei’ithhhhssshweihh: aka The Great Serpent Uprisen, aka the Bright Serpent, aka the Father Of His People, aka the Honorable the First Senior for the Saurian Peoples of the Old Downside. …Ith to his friends.

And can I beat him in a fight? Of course I can. I’m his mom. If Ith gives me any lip I’ll ground him for a decade. Or take away his discount card for that pizzeria down by First and 23rd, the one with the really good meatballs. :)

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The real writer experience is standing in the shower and coming up with the most authentic dialogue with perfect phrasing and raw emotion in your head, then stepping out and drying your hair, putting on some clean pajamas and opening a word document to write down all your perfect ideas only to realize everything has evaporated. 


Never lose a perfect shower line again.*

*Remember to erase promptly if you share a bathroom with anyone.

I’ve used these to outline term papers. nothing like a bath to get your brain to finally kick into gear and figure out your damn thesis


These work. 

What also works:

Buy a small digital recorder to dictate into, and leave it in the bathroom. Or: get a reciording app for your phone. Or: get a cheap write-under-water pad and pencil to hang in the shower (online gift stores sell these).

This phenomenon is a problem for both me and @petermorwood. Which is why if we ever become rich I want to buy a retirement apartment in Leukerbad (in Switzerland), where there is a hot water spring under the town that emits thirty million liters of hot water every day, and because all the properties in the town get their hot water from it for free, YOUR SHOWER WILL NEVER RUN COLD. NEVER. NEVER EVER. And you can stay in ther and have writing ideas until you prune to death. 

My preferred method of death. :)