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oldschoolsciencefiction:Again with Spock’s Brain?! Oy.

DD's Tumblr - Thu, 04/12/2018 - 18:09


Again with Spock’s Brain?!


gerrycanavan:this changes nothing Eek.

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this changes nothing


aeontriad:A Pon Farr Too Far!

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A Pon Farr Too Far!

trek-tracks: You can’t be lonely in your own head if there’s a Vulcan talking shit in there Heh.

DD's Tumblr - Thu, 04/12/2018 - 17:40


You can’t be lonely in your own head if there’s a Vulcan talking shit in there


insidealosershead:Been thinking about Star Trek a lot...

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Been thinking about Star Trek a lot lately.

…Yeah, why not.

youngkelpie: Random doods from the long hair wilde Spock...

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Random doods from the long hair wilde Spock Au…Some name back and forth. I don’t know. Just want to draw them instead of irl problems please. lol

I. Jim was trying so hard to resist, remain professional and good diplomat™ but hard to do that with a pushy Vulcan hanging off your face I guess
II. Neck smooches. You have to get to that neck somehow. Spock is secretly enjoying it (so did I, give me fluffy Spock)

…I’m wondering if I should just do what my feed is suggesting and do nothing but reblog Trek things today.

advertisingpics:Calgary Zoo: Baby Porcupines are Here [740 x...

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Calgary Zoo: Baby Porcupines are Here [740 x 827]

greeneyes-anddimples: pr1nceshawn: Tattoos That Turned...

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Tattoos That Turned People’s Scars Into Works Of Art.

I’m shooooook. Wow.

Therapeutic surgery of a very high order.

timekeeperart:Just finished Screen Savers: The Movie Star Trek:...

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Just finished Screen Savers: The Movie Star Trek: The Motion Picture

(chuckle) I remember having sort of the same response at the time. “WTF kind of coordinates are THOSE?”

…What can I say. It’s why I work so well with Vulcans.  :)

things my boyfriend has done

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- urgently marched into A&E and said ‘we’re having knee pain!!’ to the confused receptionist. i had to explain that it was only my knee and that he was just worried

- when asked to tag me in a meme of ‘what water are you?’, said ‘you are the ocean: home to all friends’

- loved ‘filthy gorgeous’ and, rather than learning the words, learned ‘all three parts in the song where they ring a triangle’

- after we had an argument about him not ‘getting’ my ADHD, i caught him halfway through a three hour playlist of lectures on ADHD, with a pen in hand, taking notes

- he suffered a TBI last summer and he did not like the orienting questions they ask (’what year is it? what day is it?’ etc). when asked ‘do you know where you are?’, he cracked one eye open and angrily said ‘in bed!’

- he played knack 2 and hated it. when i asked why he was still playing it, he said ‘so i never have to play it again’. he got every achievement and as soon as he got the last one he stood up, ejected the disc and returned it to the store

- lately he’s given up on making lunch so he just drinks huel which is a meal replacement shake, except huel is kind of boring so he sometimes puts nesquick strawberry powder in there

- my favourite drink is pepsi max. when asked about his dreams for the future, they often involve ‘being rich enough to find a way to pump pepsi max directly into our house’

- one time in our first year of dating i hadn’t seen him in weeks, whereas we normally saw each other all day every day, so i was gonna go stay with him for a couple days. he had a temporary job (i’m talking 2 weeks total) at the time and i was bummed that i was gonna be alone at his for a bit, but w/e. he was texting me like ‘work is going okay, in the line for the canteen right now’ while i got on the bus. i found the key where he said it was, i found a note on the table like ‘hi love! the wifi code is [password], I’ll be back at 5!’, and then I went into the lounge and he was there. he was lying on a fold-out bed with Marvin Gaye playing. the TV was on a powerpoint slide that said ‘Welcome, Jess. I quit my job.’ he was entirely naked except for a cushion with the letter ‘D’ over his crotch. im 95% sure there were candles

- we play the game Rimworld, where you micromanage a colony of people on an alien planet. he uses it entirely to simulate a peaceful colony, mostly of women, who have a large number of animals they care for and train. one time he got this random event where all the women in the colony got a psychic mood boost and he was like ‘honestly that’s my life goal’

- when he was in hospital and his cognitive functions were slowly coming back, he looked up from twitter with horror and said ‘jess… is the american president a racist?’

- we were playing Articulate, which is a game where you have to describe a word without saying the word itself. His partner said ‘when you’re beginning sex, you are…’. he, without a second of hesitation, yelled ‘FOREPLAY’. the answer was actually ‘initiating’, but my ego grew like fourteen times

- one time he asked me what guacamole was, and i told him, and he said ‘if it’s made up of things that already have names why does it have a different name?’ i have not let him live this down yet

- i used to have an eating disorder, and whilst i’m good 99.9% of the time now i occasionally do have wobbles. one time i’d eaten some mini-donuts and i told him ‘i kind of want to check the calories on those…’, so he immediately pulled the label off and ate it

- i lost him for like twenty minutes at a uni event, and when i found him he presented me with a pepsi max badge and said ‘i rode this mechanical bull to try and win you a year’s supply but i fell off pretty quickly. sorry.’

- we won the ‘best couple’ award in our year at uni, but neither of us were there to collect it because i was ill and he left halfway through to come home and take care of me

- one time he wasn’t paying attention while making lunch and he cracked an egg directly into the bin. the look of confusion on his face was priceless.

- on the rare occasions when i wake up before him, when i kiss him/ touch him he makes these little like… activation sounds? you know like when you touch a cat? it’s like those

This is the cutest thing I have read with my own eyes

woahkirk: Nowhere am I so desperately needed as among a...

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Nowhere am I so desperately needed as among a shipload of illogical humans


gameraboy1:The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

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The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

feanna: copperbadge: slothlorien: copperbadge: slothlorien: c...

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Cream Cheese Pickle.

No, it is not a sandwich.

But its a food thing between two identical food things and its the right shape essentially.


Well, let’s remember that my definition of sandwich is “An adjective used to differentiate foodstuffs, applied only when necessary”. IE, a taco does not need to be CALLED a sandwich whether it is one or not, because it is already fully identified as a taco, whereas a turkey sandwich requires differentiation from “a turkey”. 

By that measure, this perhaps should be a sandwich, because “cream cheese pickle” could be construed as pickled cream cheese otherwise. (Indeed, when I saw “cream cheese pickle” in the text before opening the post, I thought it would be some form of sandwich spread involving pickles and cream cheese.) It clearly is one object “sandwiched” between two others, and it would help to differentiate this foodstuff from a cream-cheese-pickle spread or “pickled” cream cheese. I don’t think you could actually pickle cream cheese, but now I’d like to find out.

So I’m going to have to disagree with @isitasandwich on this one, but I respect their work and their mission and I salute their efforts to identify, once and for all, what is and is not a sandwich. Godspeed, isitasandwich, long may you reign.


“I had a grilled cheese for lunch” unambiguously identifies what you ate and is perfectly common usage of language, and yet few people of honest means would deny that grilled cheese is a form of sandwich and that grilled cheese sandwich is also valid speech.

Citation for people saying “grilled cheese” without adding sandwich: the first sentence of this video


But that proves my point – while we CAN say Grilled Cheese Sandwich, we don’t NEED TO say “sandwich” because there is no other foodstuff to which “grilled cheese” commonly applies*. Sandwich remains an optional adjective applicable to the grilled cheese but not required.

Thus my assertion that “sandwich” is not a noun. You’re still thinking about how to classify something as “a sandwich” or “not a sandwich” when sandwich is an adjective applied only in cases of necessity; it should be “needs sandwich” or “doesn’t need sandwich”. 

Though admittedly I could have clarified that in my post; I should have said not that it IS a sandwich but that it is a foodstuff requiring the application of the WORD sandwich in order to be properly identified. I will cop to that being my bad.

* Although Haloumi is grilled or griddled cheese, it is more commonly simply referred to as Haloumi, and therefore this is an important but minor exception to the rule. 

This raises two points:

1) Why is grilled cheese sandwich acceptable but taco sandwich is unacceptable if it is unnecessary in either case and

2) What do you make of a sentence like “I ate a sandwich”, where sandwich modifies nothing but still conveys information about what was eaten? 

1) Well, it’s the cream cheese pickle problem, isn’t it? In both cases, there’s an object (cheese, cream cheese) and a process (grilled, pickle). Pickle can also be a noun, of course, but in this case it could be misread as a verb. So adding “sandwich” adds a layer of accuracy. Whereas a taco doesn’t need that layer because a taco is an object, identifiable. Admittedly, grilled cheese and cream cheese pickle are both outliers in this sense, so they are extreme test-cases.

2) Well that’s just linguistic imprecision and I won’t have it in my house. 

My assumption would be that a sandwich needs bread, or since Americans don’t really even know what that is anyways, some kind of cereal product as the borders, to be an actual sadwich, that would be included as a possibility if you said: I ate a sandwich.
You can make jokes about the pickle monstrosity above (ugh, pickeles…. and then with smushy stuff, ehh), but calling stuff like that a sadwich is making a comparison to what would be included in: I ate a sandwich., but not actually including it in that category. (Though, potentially, if enough instances of references happened, there could be a change in common usage. This is a way language evolves. Though my impression was that this has not yet actually happened.)
Also, if you tell me you had grilled cheese, I will think you had cheese and more cheese and nothing else (before potentially remembering that this is indeed a specific type of sandwich in some parts of the world, so this ones on me).

(Also, around here, a sadwich would mostly be something on actual sadwich bread (or toast bread, which is mostly just a little smaller, and we use sandwich size slices in our toaster because he swallows the smaller ones). A number of years ago, I think, I might even have only considered it a sandwich, if it had been in a sandwich maker, which is a food product I have eaten twice in my life. But then we also have actual bread and stuff to put on it, and lots of names for the end result that don’t always make sense either and have regional variations. Language….)

…Don’t you feel sorry for the aliens studying colloquial English in an attempt to blend in?

I say nothing of the ones studying French. Or Russian. Or Romansch. Or or or…

Dear. Ms. Duane: I last read the Young Wizards series a long time ago, but I have a bit of an unanswered question. Kit's sister had purchased a laser dissociator from an alien shopping channel to do her hair— but what does hair styled with a laser...

DD's Tumblr - Wed, 04/11/2018 - 11:19

It looks like smoke, and the place where hair used to be.  :)

I don’t think I ever actually said Carmela meant to use it on her hair. I very much doubt the controls would be granular enough for that. :) But I do know that I’ve described it repeatedly as looking like a curling iron.

I recently got my hands on Interim Wizardry and in Lifeboats the talk about the Chur Legacy Gate. Is that Chur as in Pride of the Chanur's Chur?

DD's Tumblr - Tue, 04/10/2018 - 20:27

Not that I don’t love the Chanur books dearly, but it’s nothing to do with them. Chur is a small but ancient city in Switzerland’s southeastern Canton Graubünden. More info about the city and the worldgating connection is here:


booklover277: booklover277: Last year I had a lot of fun...

DD's Tumblr - Tue, 04/10/2018 - 13:13



Last year I had a lot of fun incorporating giveaways into my blog to accomplish my new year’s resolution of giving more and encouraging others to read. I met a lot of cool people & it feels good to share the joy of reading. I had so much fun with it..I’m continuing the giveaways this year! I will have a giveaway running at one point all year. When one ends, another begins. This way I can keep giving and you’ll still have an opportunity to win! Happy 2018 :)

There will be one winner that I will send $25 worth of book(s) to. You can pick ANY books you want. (not just the books pictured above…. ANY)

The rules are simple:
  • must be following me: @booklover277
  • reblog / like this post to enter. reblog as many times as you want.
  • I will be buying the book(s) from book depository or amazon, so make sure one of those will ship to your country.
  • if under 18, you must have parent/guardian permission.
  • must be willing to give me your address
  • must have your ask box open, so that I can contact you.
  • If the winner does not get back to me within 48 hours, I will be selecting a new winner.
  • giveaway ends April 11, 2018

Just over a month left!

A couple of days, actually, from the looks of it…

John Ford left a creative will directing what to do with his literary characters. At the risk of sounding morbid, do you have plans to "bequeath" the Young Wizards Universe? Mind you, hopefully we have many decades to go. :)

DD's Tumblr - Tue, 04/10/2018 - 12:56

Oh, there’s nothing morbid about it. :)

This isn’t really an appropriate place to get into the details, but my will sets out in quite comprehensive detail for my estate and literary executors what may/may not and should/should not be done with the YW universe and various other creative properties presently extant or in the works.

This I will say, though: there’s sometimes an assumption in Hollywood that it’s easier to deal with an estate’s literary executors than with the live author. In my case, they’ll be left wishing they’d dealt with me while I was alive. It’d have been so much less expensive.  :)))))))

Are there wizardly politicians (speaking in the strictly Earth sense, as I imagine that voting for a wizard for President might actually be a good thing in certain locales where the Art is practiced openly)? It seems like a profession that wizards,...

DD's Tumblr - Mon, 04/09/2018 - 12:43

It’s a near certainty (merely in terms of the law of averages) that there’d have to be at least some politicians worldwide who’re wizards.

But I think perhaps a bit of confusion has slipped in here. It is entirely possible for wizards to lie in their “milk tongue”, or any other local language they prefer, that isn’t the Speech. If you’re working in the Speech, yes, you’re stuck describing the universe as it actually is. So that will render life more interesting for politicians working in places where the Speech is used as a language of discourse. Elsewhere? Not so much: not necessarily.

Wizards correctly have a preference for telling the truth whenever possible, as (a) they understand via the Speech the essential need for accurate communication and (b) it’s just so much simpler. (Because [unlike writers, for example…] you don’t then have to waste large amounts of useful energy trying to remember which lie you told.) But sometimes there will be situations (some acute political crises, for example) where one realizes that lying will increase entropy, but not lying will potentially increase it more. In cases like this, each wizard gets to make the choice that seems best to suit the situation at hand. (Nobody ever said this was going to be easy…)

There’s another assumption here that also needs a closer look: the idea that politicians must necessarily, as a matter of course, lie. I’m not saying that this isn’t all too routinely accepted as the truth these days. But there’s an ethical issue buried under this, compounded by a procedural one.

The question is, for each given politician: “To get someone’s vote, will you lie to them?” The quality of the “no” (I’ve never heard a “yes” in public yet: let me know if you have) immediately starts telling you something specific and revealing about that given politician. The more they fudge (or qualify) the answer, the more you start learning about them and about their ethical system. (Not to say that politicians won’t say “Of course I wouldn’t lie!” At which point you start examining their past records to see if this holds up. But the qualifications also will be revealing.)

Now, leaving the separate issue of power to one side – because some people really like power over other people, and will do or say whatever they have to to get it – inevitably, even the best-intentioned politicians are going to say things about a given issue at one point and say different things about it at another point, because circumstances change. The question then becomes: Did they genuinely change their mind after consideration of an issue, or did they simply “change horses”  because they suddenly perceived that the horse they were on was going in an unpopular direction? [Cf. the Tony Robbins thing going on at the moment,] 

And – even if a politician did change their mind after careful examination of their position on an issue – consider too how inherently hostile modern political discourse is to a politician standing up and saying “I’ve changed my position.” Even if they’ve done the right thing, they’ll instantly be accused of being unreliable, untrustworthy, of making “U-turns.” And under such a statement, to many listeners, lies the unspoken (but assumed) one, “I got something wrong…” which no politician ever wants people to hear. Because after all, who votes for someone who sometimes gets something wrong? Like, I don’t know, someone human? (eyeroll) (sigh)

…I should stop now because my schedule for today doesn’t really include a long dissertation on the psychology of politics. But briefly: A wizard running for office would tell you as much truth as they dared, and keep quiet about things they’d otherwise have to lie about (or tell two different groups of people two different things about – because pretty much by definition, no politician serves just one master.) There are always competing portions of one’s constituency wanting things from you, sometimes completely opposing things. If a wizardly poitician got things wrong, they would do their best to set them right. They would act honestly to represent their constituents’ interests, and if personal ethics mean they find they can’t do so, they’d leave office.

Not much more to say about that except that adding wizardry to some problems does nothing but make them more interesting problems. :)