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Uchenna's Apples

In a new short novel by Diane Duane, three suburban Dublin teens are lured into mystery in the mists of Ireland...

Uchenna O'Connor lives a life like that of any other Dublin schoolgirl... until the horses arrive.

Not On My Patch

JD 2455501.625 / October 31, 2010:  Just another Halloween in the Young Wizards universe…

…in which even the black cats are wizardly and the neighborhood “haunted house” is full of real magic (and way too much candy). But no one was expecting the zombies, or the Attack of the Killer Pumpkins. And as for the participants’ costumes…

“I’m starting to feel like a walking wardrobe malfunction.”

The Misadventures of Prince Ivan

This is the 2011 ABOUTComics edition of the graphic novel The Misadventures of Prince Ivan. The graphic novel features material published as "The Adventures of Prince Ivan", originally serialized in issues 8 through 13 of The Dreamery and published by Eclipse Comics. The fourth part of the graphic novel, "Prince Ivan and the Bachelor Parties of Doom", is new in this volume and completes the story.

The interior art is by Hugo-nominated comics artist Sherlock. The cover art is by Ken Macklin.