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Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King

Written for Tandem Productions, Munich, Germany, 2004: 4-hour miniseries based on the "Ring of the Nibelungs" myth. Simultaneous airing in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, November 2004, and theatrical release in the UK. Later aired on UK's Channel 4 and SyFy in the US. Aired elsewhere worldwide in many markets under numerous different titles. More info at its IMDb page.

A Wizard Alone

Kit and Nita join forces once more against the terrible Lone Power on an unusual battleground, as they fight for the heart and mind of a young wizard with the power to save their world...

Initially, Kit finds himself flying solo as Nita has sunk into a deep depression after the events of The Wizard's Dilemma. Luckily, Kit's telepathic pooch, Ponch, is happy to fill Nita's niche temporarily, as long as enough dog biscuits are involved.