SPACE ISLAND ONE: "Not In My Back Yard"

by Diane

…So after finally seeing “Not In My Back Yard”, which I wrote three years ago (it must have been…), my initial response is vague disappointment. The director seems to have been on some kind of slo-mo drug: dialogue that had some punch when I wrote the script has been relentlessly punch-ectomized by the very leisurely pace of the filmed product. The actors have a slightly impatient look to them, as if they know this too but aren’t saying anything (or maybe have said something, and haven’t been paid attention to).

I keep asking myself: does this episode look slow because all dialogue looks slow in the wake of The West Wing?… I’ll have to have a look at the thing again in a week or so. Right now, I’m left saying to myself, “Oh well…the check cleared.”


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