Quick as a wink, the sly cat stole Diane’s taco

by Diane
Squeak and Ryoh-Ohki

Well, it was a close thing, but I managed to eat it before he did.

The late and much-missed Lilith used to have this virtue: that she could unerringly find and lie on the most important piece of paperwork in the house. A check, a contract (as in the picture that gave the writer for the New York Times a minor conniption for some reason), a letter you were supposed to be answering, a newspaper that you wanted to cut something out of: Lilith would be on it. For a long time, when you couldn’t find some important piece of documentation, the answer was, “Look under the cat.”

These days Mr. Squeak seems to be holding that space or function, though in a more virtual manner. Here he is (after trying to take that taco out of my hand) not quite lying on the computer; but that’s only after I moved him several times, and was forced to move further down the table to keep him from doing Cat Rewrites on the Ring script. Since Squeak weighs nearly fourteen pounds and has the typically huge feet of the Norwegian Forest Cat, when he stands on the keys, it takes some cleaning up afterwards.

A side point: This really isn’t such a bad digital camera, though eventually we do want a better one. The camera is a Umax AstraPix 540 which cost us something like ninety pounds Sterling from Scan. The image below was taken at highest resolution, without flash, and the only thing I did to it in Corel PhotoPaint was tweak the gamma a little. For comparison, see the second image, taken during a period of interesting weather the other day. (See below.)

Meanwhile, busy busy busy on the script all last night and well into this morning for Peter: and ditto for me this afternoon, while I incorporate the last set of changes into this draft.

Probably the cat and I need another taco around now.



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