Go buy this woman's artwork

by Diane

I’m not kidding.

(Beware: slight orc-ish nudity.) The orcish poet Urrshahurruk-gah (Celadon Toadstool) was famed throughout the fifty-seven tribes for the quality of her poetry, and also for that time she put a mace through that one guy’s head, while shouting haiku. Her martial poetry was of course the most popular, including such works as “Warpig Sonnets” and “Ode to a Dagger Stuck In Somebody’s Eye,” which dealt with the perennial themes of melee and mayhem popular among orcs. But many believe that her finest work were her more delicate and introspective pieces, including “Reflections Seen In The Blood Of My Enemies,” and the elegant “Poem for Mushrooms Growing From The Skull Of A Dead Elf.”

It was perhaps not entirely politic for Celadon to recite that last piece at an elvish court during a rare cultural exchange program between warring kingdoms, but everyone agreed much later that it had helped to open a really honest dialogue, and there hadn’t been all THAT many casualties, and you couldn’t expect artists to compromise about these things, after all.

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