Chapter 7 of "The Big Meow" goes free range

by Diane Duane

For those of you who’re not subscribers: the latest chapter has just gone online for the general readership over at the TBM site. Here’s the URL —

All the chapters presently online are linked to from this page.

We also have new versions of the Mobipocket-format files available. The marvelous Linnette Stoney (who’s been converting the chapters to Palm– and Mobipocket-friendly format for us as they come out) has converted the files to add an image that will display in e-ink readers such as Kindle, Cybook and Sony Reader. You can find a .ZIP file containing chapters 1 through 7, as well as the cover image, here.

Chapter 8 will be posted to the subscribers’ file area on August 20th. If you’re interested in having access to it before the general readership does, you’re most welcome to subscribe!

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