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Omntopia Dawn

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A new near-future technothriller from the author Kirkus Reviews describes as "one of the finest current writers of speculative fiction."

It's the first quarter of the twenty-first century, and "massively multiplayer" online games have been around for a couple of decades. In an increasingly wired and computer-friendly world they've become a form of entertainment so popular they're giving television and films a run for their money. And the most popular gaming universe of all is Omnitopia, created by genius programmer Dev Logan.

For millions of people around the world, Omnitopia is an obsession, a passionate pastime, almost a way of life. Omnitopia is a virtual place where dreams come true -- players can create their own universes within the game's structure, and participate in the profits if their piece of the universe is a hit. Fifty million players routinely play in Omnitopia, and at any given time, nearly a million of them are online, living in a world more real to them then their own.

Worldwide, Omnitopia is now as much a culture as a game. Participants can become involved in it in a hundred different ways. Some game as if their lives depended on it, spending thousands of hours or thousands of dollars, or both, on quests in search of "game glory" among their fellow players. Some game only to acquire sufficient in-game "value" to become entitled to become subcreators themselves, able to build new levels and start raking in the so-called "one percent of infinity" which is the leveler's share of the profits. Some people do nothing but design online weapons and other items for Omnitopia gamers, and sell them -- or act as brokers, buying and selling game artifacts to order. Some subcreators, "unreal estate" dealers, do the same kind of design and creation, but for tailored Microcosms or slices of them. Some players speculate in game "gold" on the success or popularity of Microcosms, rather than actually playing in them. And of course there are thieves and swindlers, cheaters who live to find the loophole in the game that will make them rich in the real world.

Now Dev and his people are preparing to roll out a major new expansion to the Omnitopia system. And even as players, staff, the media, and the heavy hitters on the world financial scene wait eagerly for this fast-approaching and momentous event, others are preparing to play a very different game: one meant to strike at the heart of Omnitopia and bring the entire system crashing down....

Publisher's Weekly says:

"Realistically weaving together video gaming and back-alley corporate intrigue, Duane (A Wizard of Mars) takes readers to the near future, where new technologies like RealFeel allow players to smell, touch, and taste their game worlds. Today's gamers will fantasize about playing Omnitopia, an all-immersive 3D massive multiplayer online game with 200 million players which spans thousands of Microcosms: first-person shooters, cooking competitions, historical recreations, and more. But behind the curtain are two rival companies with some slight resemblances to Apple and Microsoft: one headed by laid-back, jeans-wearing Dev Logan and the other by his former friend and partner, corporate maven Phil Sorensen, who plots to topple Dev's Omnitopia empire by any means necessary. Neatly set up for a sequel, this outstanding speculative novel is action-packed and fast-moving, and Duane's lavish, expansive world building already seems eerily prescient." (Starred review)

Coming from DAW Books: Omnitopia: East Wind

DD's new anthology: "Uptown Local and Other Interventions"

This new anthology collects for the first time some of Diane Duane's  most popular short work -- stories that range across time and space, with a visit to her best-known milieu, the seminal Young Wizards young adult / urban fantasy series.

Uptown Local features eleven long and short works from the last decade and beyond, including:

  • In The Company of Heroes -- A billionaire "living the dream" goes on a desperate quest for the one thing he needs to make his life perfect: a very special comic book...
  • The Rizzoli Bag -- A sad young man in a Roman cafe is offered a once-in-a-lifetime bargain...
  • Out of the Frying Pan -- The life of a part-time witch working in a shopping mall is turned upside down in a day...
  • The Queen and the Thief and the Dragon -- A (fairy) tale of the True West, and a young monarch's solution to a thorny diplomatic problem...
  • Bears -- An ancient sorrow (with a modern twist) wanders through the tumult of a pre-Lenten street carnival...
  • The Fix -- In the dark guts of Rome's Colosseum, a slave boy with an impossible dream becomes entangled in the machinations of immortals...
  • Herself -- In the heart of Dublin, something is killing the People of the Hills -- and it's going to take Ireland's only superhero to stop it...
  • Hopper Painting -- Desolation and redemption in a midnight diner, as trapped and desperate characters struggle with the soul of the artist who created them......
  • The Back Door -- Two terrorists meet in Zurich to carry out a very unusual heist with a confederate who's more dangerous than they imagine...

...And of course, the title story, beloved and sought after for a quarter century by Young Wizards fans, and finally available in an ebook -- along with the only other Young Wizards short story, Theobroma.


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Now at the Ebooks Direct store: "Stealing the Elf-King's Roses: The Author's Cut"

It's been in the works for a good while now, so it's a pleasure to announce that the new revised ebook edition of Stealing the Elf-King's Roses -- which anticipated CSI-style forensic drama and introduced it for the first time into an SF/fantasy setting -- is now available in the Ebooks Direct store.

The new edition of Stealing the Elf-King's Roses comes with an afterword that talks about the evolution of the book, and also with the worldbuilding notes that set up the histories of the sheaf of universes where the story's set. (Look under the cut for more info.)


This ebook, like all our books, is DRM-free and can be moved from device to device at your pleasure.

Also, for the same flat price, we offer an all-format bundle containing various versions of the major ebook formats, for those with more than one reading device. Just choose "All Format Bundle" in the book's dropdown menu.





From the afterword:

As usual, when you look at a work almost ten years after you’ve written it, you find things that the almost-ten-years-on writer really wants to fix. There are little edits all through this edition, and some material that was edited out in the original edition has been restored; but in particular, the last few chapters have been rewritten to try to clarify exactly what the heck is going on.

Previous readers of my work will know that I have no trouble at all playing Cosmic Conkers – i.e., banging two universes together and seeing which one breaks first -- but this situation was big and complex even by my standards. I hope the revisions satisfy both old readers returning to a favorite work, and new ones reading it for the first time. (In particular, some readers have mentioned that they’ve never read the book because the original cover gave them the idea it was a romance. I hope the new cover will have remedied this.)

...Every now and then people ask me when I’m going to do another book in this worldset. Until now the answer had been, “I’m not sure where else I can go with this.” Now, though, after the revision, I begin to see some ways forward. We’ll see how this realization plays out over the next year or so.

-- While it's always dangerous to ask a writer what his or her favorite book is, I have to admit to having a real soft spot for this one -- maybe because I spent more time working on the project than on almost any other in my career: so I'm delighted to be able to relaunch it now, in this new and improved version, in e-format. You can read an excerpt from an early chapter here, if you like.

Right now the book is available in the two main ebook formats: .ePub (for the Nook, iPad and Sony Reader) and .mobi (for the Kindle and all MobiPocket-friendly readers). And people who have devices that use both formats can also pick it up in a bundled download that contains both the .ePub and the .mobi files. We'll be adding more formats to the selection at the Ebooks Direct store over the next week or so, and in early December we'll be launching the book in the Kindle Store at Amazon and other online facilities.

Also: as mentioned above, to celebrate the release we'll also be offering, for a limited time, a 30% discount on the complete nine-volume set of the Young Wizards International editions -- as above, in .ePub and .mobi formats, and a bundled download that contains both. Just use the coupon code ROSES at checkout to get the discount. (Info on how to use discount codes at the store is here.)

Enjoy, all!

DD's new short fiction collection: MIDNIGHT SNACK AND OTHER FAIRY TALES

This second collection of (mostly) short fiction from Diane Duane features tales based on folklore, ghost stories and fairy tales with a modern twist. 

The stories in the collection include:

First Readthrough: How you do the casting for a fairy tale… and what can go wrong while you do.

The Dovrefell Cat: Your pet polar bear may sometimes be a problem… but there’s one night of the year when he shines.

…Under My Skin: Some first dates just don’t work out the way you think they will: not at all.

A Swiss Story: Lots of people from that part of the world have something from “during the War”. But not many have anything like this…

Blank Check: A most unusual client turns up at one of the world’s oldest banks with an impossible request… which nonetheless must be fulfilled.

Don’t Put That In Your Mouth, You Don’t Know Where It’s Been: A would-be worshipper of the Triple Goddess has her upcountry ritual disturbed by something very odd.

The House: A school project examining gingerbread as a structural element turns into something way more personal.

Cold Case: A cop who won’t take no for an answer meets a murder victim who’s even more stubborn than he is.

The title work, Midnight Snack: “Dad came down with the flu that week, so I had to go down to the subway and feed the unicorns…” The much-anthologized story finally uncensored and restored to its original intended form

And completing the collection, a full-length feature film screenplay, Dead & Breakfast: a ghost story with computers. 



This ebook, like all our books, is DRM-free and can be moved from device to device at your pleasure. Also, for the same flat price, we offer an all-format bundle containing various versions of the major ebook formats, so you can find out what works best for you. Just choose "All Format Bundle" in the book's dropdown menu.


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Diane Duane: Film and TV: Live action

This page is under construction: please bear with us as we add listings

Link to IMDb listingThe Lost Future

DD's most recent screenplay, starring Sean Bean, Annabelle Wallis, Sam Claflin, Corey Sevier, and Eleanor Tomlinson

More clips from SyFy's The Lost Future here: "The Hunt" | "Chase"

Link to IMDb listingDark Kingdom: The Dragon King

This four-hour miniseries, written by DD and novelist/screenwriter Peter Morwood, also features Twilight star Robert Pattinson in an excellent performance as King Gunther's young brother Giselher.

Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King is a visually impressive historical adventure based on the same Germanic and Norse legends that inspired Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle operas and J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Produced for German television (and shot in South Africa), the film stars Benno Furmann as Siegfried, a prince whose family is slaughtered by a pair of evil kings; raised by a blacksmith (Max Von Sydow, still commanding as ever), he meets and falls for Valkyrie queen Brunhild (Kristanna Loken from Terminator 3) and slays the dragon Fafnir for King Gunther (Samuel West), which in turn, involves him in treachery, war, and separation from his beloved Brunhild. Well directed by Uli Edel (Last Exit to Brooklyn, The Mists of Avalon). ...Originally broadcast at three hours in length, the DVD presentation here is the U.S. cut, which comes in at just over two hours; a battery of five making-of featurettes are included in the disc's supplemental features. (Amazon.com)

"Sex, spells, dragons, dwarfs, women warriors: the Nibelung saga, especially the story of Siegfried and Brunhild and their tragic love, is a warehouse of promising mini-series material. This is...a demythologized version of the story... Made for about $25 million, it looks as if it cost much more, with lots of Nordic-seeming ice and mist, and a dragon that, for once, really looks like a dragon, squatty and lizardlike. ...By far the best thing in "Dark Kingdom" is Brunhild, played by Kristanna Loken, Arnold Schwarzenegger's nemesis in "Terminator 3"... In "Dark Kingdom," with her furs, her blond dreadlocks, her martial-artsy way of wielding a spear, she's fierce and sexy — a true Valkyrie, a warrior both on the ice floes and in the bedchamber. ..."Dark Kingdom" is cleverly alert to [a] subtheme in the source material: the clash between the old Nordic culture, clan-based and pantheistic, and a later overlay of Christian chivalry." (New York Times, March 27, 2006)