Herewiss views a strange world

Five lives. Three realms. One legend.

Far away across our own small sheaf of the great, ever-shifting Pattern of universes, there lies an alternate Earth occupied by four small realms where humanity is slowly finding its feet centuries after the banishment of an ancient and terrible evil.

Here Dragons are realancient travelers from another world far away among the stars. Here magic, in several forms, is more or less a commonplace. Here the Goddess Who rules everything is not hidden away, but part of most people’s lives, walking in Her world. And here the matter of who you love, and how, is between you and Her… no one else.

In such a world the impossible can unexpectedly give way to the marvelous. In such a world, a part-time blacksmith, a runaway prince, a rogue Dragon, a wandering swordswoman and an insatiably curious fire elemental can join forces to put the
exiled, rightful King on his throne, defeat the Goddess’s immortal and malicious Shadow, and (if they’re very lucky) ultimately save a world that’s very much worth saving…

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