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We make this quick #snack often enough at home that I thought I might as well make a video of how it`s done. Flammkuchen is served widely across #Germany, #Switzerland and #Austria -- the kind of snack you run into in marketplaces, being baked in the open air, or in little local restaurants. It`s easy to make at home, too. The secret: a good thin crust made with bread or pizza flour, and the best ingredients you can find. ...

“Do you not know that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken?” … #gnuterrypratchett ...

Baking Parmesan biscuits made with the cookie press. (What you see foaming and bubbling here is the butter baking out of them!) Recipes over at bit.ly/OOAParmesan . ...

Today`s supper (nothing fancy): a variant on traditional colcannon.

In this case, mashed #potatoes made with hot milk and #butter, combined with chopped #bacon and shredded Baby Gem #cabbage fried in bacon fat: with a well in the middle of the colcannon, and more butter melting in it. (Because #Ireland.) 😋

Meanwhile, in Ireland…. ...

Made a traditional #Irish batch loaf again yesterday. (A little more trouble to go to than plain #bread, but worth it!) Sound UP for the crunch! ...Recipe`s over here: https://dduane.link/batchbread #breadmaking #baking ...

Ran into this online the other day… and came down with the snickers. 😏 ...

New pics of #Io from #NASA`s #Juno probe dropped today... 🙂 ...

“There is hope in honest error: none in the icy perfections of the mere stylist.”


— Charles Rennie Mackintosh