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Testing sharing functions in the Frax #fractal app… ...

“Khajit has wares if you have coin.”

(According to Google Translate: “Small chilies / 8 yuan/jin”)

10/10, no notes. 😏 ...

So we`re having a #sale at @ebooksdirectstore this #MemorialDay weekend—50% off all our #ebook bundles! That includes everything from the "All The #Wizardry" #YoungWizards bundle, to the brand new bundle with all our #MiddleKingdoms books and our #LGBTQ #Pride bundle, right up to our Whole Store #bundle, reduced from $69.99 to $35... just barely $1 per ebook, while the sale lasts!

And of course everything comes with our lifetime replacement guarantee. If you lose your ebooks or change platforms, we`ll replace them for you for free. (Because why should you have to pay for ebooks twice?)

Check out the URL in the image (or go to dduane dot link slash MemDaySale), and grab yourself a pile of reading before the cat pulls it down. 😄
#memorialdayweekend #memorialdaysale #fantasy #sciencefiction #dianeduane #youngadult

Such a favorite view… 😄 ...

We make this quick #snack often enough at home that I thought I might as well make a video of how it`s done. Flammkuchen is served widely across #Germany, #Switzerland and #Austria -- the kind of snack you run into in marketplaces, being baked in the open air, or in little local restaurants. It`s easy to make at home, too. The secret: a good thin crust made with bread or pizza flour, and the best ingredients you can find. ...

“Do you not know that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken?” … #gnuterrypratchett ...

Baking Parmesan biscuits made with the cookie press. (What you see foaming and bubbling here is the butter baking out of them!) Recipes over at bit.ly/OOAParmesan . ...

“There is hope in honest error: none in the icy perfections of the mere stylist.”


— Charles Rennie Mackintosh