Owl Be Home For Christmas

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JD 2459186.50000 / December 2nd, 2020…

Tonight’s the night when the famous Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is about to be lit in an elaborate ceremony in midtown Manhattan. Like everything else in the COVID-stricken world of 2020, this tree lighting has been forced to differ from all the others that have preceded it.

But there’s another reason this particular tree lighting will be unique. This tree is the one in which the tiny saw-whet owl the media christened “Rocky” was discovered, trapped, when the tree was set up two weeks ago.

The humans who helped “Rocky” and released her back into the wild had no idea of the forces about to be unleashed on New York City. For the one thing they couldn’t give the owl was the one thing she wanted most: her tree.

As a result, she’s been forced to take matters into her own claws. And it’s going to take a crack team of New York’s best and smartest wizards to keep the ensuing events from destabilizing the whole planet…

This 25,000 word novella is a canonical work in the Young Wizards universe and is set in the revised New Millennium Editions YW timeline.

The DRM-free ebook edition of Owl Be Home For Christmas is available at Ebooks Direct. It’s also available (via the links below) at Amazon.com.

Owl Be Home For Christmas

Work format: Novella

Genre: YA, sf, fantasy

Media: Ebook

Publication date: December 25, 2020

Publisher: Errantry Press

Owl Be Home For Christmas at Ebooks Direct


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