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DD's bibliography and filmography

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Dark Kingdom:The Dragon King (2004)

Dark Mirror (1993)

“De Profundiis” (1999)

Deathworld (2000) (with Tom Clancy)

Death Match (2003)

Deep Wizardry (1985)

Diane Duane’s Box of Wizardry (paperback box set, Young Wizards books 1-3) (2002)

Dinosaucers (various)

Doctor’s Orders (1990)

“Don’t Put That In Your Mouth, You Don’t Know Where It’s Been” (1996)

Door into Fire, The (1979)

Door into Shadow, The (1984)

Door into Sunset, The (1992)

“The Dovrefell Cat” (1994)



Empty Chair, The (2008)

End Game (1998) (with Tom Clancy)

EXILED: Keeper of the City (2015)


Romulan Way, The (1987) (with Peter Morwood)

Runaways (2001) (with Tom Clancy)