The Young Wizards series


The Young Wizards Series


A different kind of wizardry.
A different kind of wizard.

Nearly four decades ago, a strange and intriguing book appeared in libraries across North America. It told a story of two ordinary kids from the New York suburbs who suddenly discovered that magic was loose in their world. If they were willing to risk taking the Wizard’s Oath in the mysterious Manuals they found, they could do what others around them were secretly doing—use the gift of wizardry in the never-ending battle against evil.

In that book’s universe, if you’ve got the smarts and the strength to make it through your wizardly Ordeal, your world can change overnight. You don’t need to go to a special school. All you need are the spells inside your wizard’s Manual and the ancient Speech once used to build the world. Want to carry your magic in a laptop or an iPad? No problem. Prefer to go old-school with a rowan-wood wand soaked in moonlight, or hybrid with an old car antenna loaded up with edgy machine magic? It’s your call.

A wizard’s missions may take them across the planet or across the Galaxy, in company with wizards who’re human or those who’re very much not. But wherever young wizards go, their Oath makes them part of an age-old battle against the lone Power that went rogue at the dawn of time and turned death loose in the universe.

In company with their ancient allies the Powers that Be, wizards on Earth and across the cosmos fight that battle every day, in this world and countless others… and young wizards like Nita Callahan and Kit Rodriguez are the secret heroes in the fight.

An under-the-radar classic for nearly forty years…

…the Young Wizards stories strike a surefooted balance between adventure across astounding worlds of magic and the personal trials and journeys of two teenage wizards growing up in suburban America. Kit and Nita struggle to balance their friendship and the secrets and dangers of their wizardly lives with the demands of school, family and the rest of modern life. Along with their passionate readers and an ever-growing cast of diverse and fascinating wizardly friends and enemies, Nita and Kit walk the wizard’s road from their initiation Ordeal in a darkly terrifying alternate Manhattan to the depths of the ocean, the depths of space, and far beyond.

The award-winning, ongoing adventures of Nita and Kit now span eleven novels (newest are 2016’s Games Wizards Play and 2017’s Young Wizards: Lifeboats) and two collections of novelettes, novellas and shorter works. Critically acclaimed from the series’ kickoff with So You Want To Be A Wizard, the Young Wizards novels top many major libraries’ recommendation lists as a must for readers ready to move on to a different kind of wizardry… and a different kind of wizard.


Continuously in print since 1983

Revised & updated New Millennium Editions published 2012

Awards: New York Public Library, ABA Best Books of the Year(s), others

Wizardry at Grand Central

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