Digits of Destiny

"Does it count as a heist if you're saving the world?"

One most peculiar world. Five extremely unlikely heroes. Welcome to Mmanus!

The worlds we see and live in are finished works… because just like mortal creators, the Gods aren’t wild about peers or rivals seeing their pre-final drafts. They do their initial creative work out of sight, deleting or revising out of existence worlds that they can’t make work, or that don’t work out. No one has ever counted the half-finished universes that languish abandoned in forgotten corners of pre-reality, eternally at risk of perishing at any moment from neglect, rejection, or the death of their Maker. But some first-draft worlds—miraculously, or just plain stubbornly—have unexpected staying power.

In Mmanus, a city and world of the discarded, what seems at first like chance or accident brings together a minor goddess nursing a very old grudge, a fairy with anger management issues, a minotaurean ceramics connoisseur with a penchant for adventure, a lycanthropic security guard in search of career change, and a small-business owner who shovels shit for a living. Unbeknownst to them, they are the fingers of a Hand reaching down into this unfinished world, intent on completing a work that should have been finished a long time ago.

Tools of the intention of the only god that matters, Emil, Delendra, Lycaon, Cowslip and Borvis discover that they are now the Chosen Ones. They are the Digits of Destiny. And as far as they’re concerned, destiny absolutely sucks.

Digits of Destiny is one of three serial fiction projects by Diane Duane that will be housed at when it opens in Q2 of 2024. Early chapters will be accessible to all. Later chapters will be available by subscription only.

When it becomes available, check the project page at The Fic Foundry for more details.

Digits of Destiny


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Breakfast at the Black Crow