The Lady of the Lake is so done with their sh*t.

Some Watery Tart

The Lady of the Lake is so done with their sh*t.

Put yourself in her place.

You’re a talented and hard-working goddess who signs on for the role of a significant player in what will almost certainly become a major medieval myth cycle. You figure it’ll distract you from immortality for a few centuries or so, and it’ll look good on your CV.

You work your butt off to get it right, despite finding yourself completely surrounded by multiple idiot kings, clueless knights, randy wizards, mysterious lost castles, inexplicable wars, mystical artifacts, and bizarre fatalities galore. Then the creative guy comes along half a millennium late to write it all up, and you heave a sigh of relief and get the hell out of that scenario, fast.

But when you finally get around to picking up a copy of his book, you find that it’s still just as full of nonsensical situations, irrational characters, ridiculous “motivations,” and bodies scattered all over the landscape as the original events… but you’ve somehow been turned into the bad guy!

Wouldn’t you want to set the record straight?

Come along for the ride as the Lady of the Lake drunktweets / livetweets Le Morte d’Arthur with deep background, ruthless character assassination, and completely understandable snark.

Some Watery Tart is one of three serial fiction projects by Diane Duane that will be housed at when it opens in Q2 of 2024. Early chapters will be accessible to all. Later chapters will be available by subscription only.

When it becomes available, check the project page at The Fic Foundry for more details.

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The Lady of the Lake is so done with their sh*t.