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Lifetime Free Replacement Policy


Unlike some ebook providers out there, we believe that once you buy one of our files, you own it and can move it around among your ebook-management devices as you please. (That’s why none of our files have DRM applied to them.) We have no ability to change, alter, or remove your files in any way, once you’ve bought them. And that suits us just fine!

But sometimes accidents happen. You download a file and then can’t remember where you put it. Or you ordered an ebook from us in an older format (like Amazon’s .mobi, now deprecated) and have acquired different devices on which you store your ebooks… devices that don’t support your old format. Or you lose your Kindle (or whatever other tablet or reader) that had your files on it.

We don’t care. We’ll replace them! Or if necessary, we’ll send you equivalent files in a different format, at your request.

We strongly believe that if you’ve been kind enough to buy an ebook from us, we should replace it for free. And why not? It doesn’t seem fair to make you pay for something twice. (Also, we don’t have a space program to fund, and therefore we don’t feel the need to be quite that grabby.)

So if you lose files, or need replacements for some other reasonsay your hard drive crashes, or you lose them when changing computers, or whateverjust email us at our support address:


…and quote your order number in the email.

We will be back to you as quickly as we can (usually within 24-72 hours) and will mail refreshed or new download links to you at the address you used to order.

That’s all there is to it.

And thanks again for your interest! We very much appreciate it.