High Wizardry

HIGH WIZARDRY Harcourt mmpb cover




Fantasy / Science fiction


YA fantasy / science fiction

Series / license:

Young Wizards


“Pick of the List”, Spring 1990, American Bookseller Magazine.

First publication:

Hardcover, Delacorte Press, March 1990: ISBN 0-385-29983-4

US editions:

Dell Laurel-Leaf mass market paperback, 1991: ISBN 0-385-29983-1 (ISBN 13 9780385299831.)

Dell Yearling digest format paperback, date 1992: ISBN 0-440-40680-3

Magic Carpet Books / Harcourt mass-market paperback, June 2001: ISBN 0-152-16244-5

Magic Carpet Books / Harcourt digest format paperback, 2004: ISBN 0-15-204941-X

SF Book Club omnibus edition with So You Want To Be A Wizard and Deep Wizardry, published as Support Your Local Wizard

World editions:

Corgi Books (UK) mass market paperback, November 1991: ISBN 0-552-52651-7

Other editions: Finland, the Netherlands, Russia

Ebook editions

North America and Canada: Amazon.com

Revised New Millennium edition: Ebooks Direct

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