On Ordeal: Roshaun ke Nelaid

ON ORDEAL: ROSHAUN KE NELAID singleton ebook cover

Once upon a time there was a Prince who wanted just one thing: to be a wizard…

Only child of the union of two great wizardly lines of the planet Wellakh, heir to a position and lifestyle considered equivalent to royalty by the people of his half-ravaged world, Roshaun ke Nelaid lives what most Wellakhit would mistake for a life of unfettered pleasure and privilege, moving apparently casually through the corridors of power and instantly being given whatever he desires.

But the one thing he wants most is the one thing not all his family’s wealth and influence can give him. What he longs for more than anything (well, almost anything) is something it’s beginning to look as if he can never have.

In the wake of an unexpectedly terrifying day in his family life, Rho discovers that he’s wrong. Without warning he’s offered the Avowal — the Wellakhit version of the Wizard’s Oath — and sent halfway across the Galaxy on his Challenge to a place he’s always yearned after. Where deadly danger awaits…

On Ordeal: Roshaun ke Nelaid is a 45,000-work canonical work in the Young Wizards universe. It is also the first of three tales of the wizardly Ordeals of major characters in the series — each one unique (as is every Ordeal), each one revealing something unique about the person who undergoes it and comes out on the other side of the experience in possession of that singular gift that can be conferred only by the Powers that Be: wizardry.

On Ordeal: Roshaun ke Nelaid is available DRM-free in multiple formats tailored to your preferred e-reader from Ebooks Direct.

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