The Door Into Shadow

The Door Into Shadow

To help her liege-lord and lover reclaim his stolen throne, Segnbora swears to pay whatever price the Goddess requires. And then discovers some prices may be far higher than expected…

Unable to focus the blue Flame of Power despite years of training, Segnbora lived the life of a wandering swordswoman or common sorceress until the night she saved a man’s life in a back-alley swordfight and discovered he was an outlawed prince with a price on his head. Now on the run with Freelorn of Arlen and his followers, Segnbora—realizing that Lorn’s survival is vital to the Middle Kingdoms in their war against the evil Shadow—has sworn Freelorn her fealty and vowed to see him on the throne that is his birthright.

But deadly forces are on the move against them. Freelorn’s friend and lover Herewiss is the first man in centuries to wield the blue Fire, and the Shadow has unleashed its twisted monsters and hordes of invading Reavers to bring about his destruction. As Freelorn and his people hurry to join forces with the Queen of Darthen to re-enact the Kingdoms’ fraying royal magics, Segnbora risks her life to try to claim the Power she’d thought beyond her grasp. Her gamble leaves her struggling desperately for control of a mind unexpectedly invaded by the soul of one of the Kingdoms’ mysterious Dragons.

Segnbora must win this fight if she’s to bring the Dragon called Hasai to Freelorn’s aid in the coming battle for the mountain valley of Bluepeak. There Reavers will attack the Middle Kingdoms in force, and Freelorn, Herewiss and Segnbora must make the first moves in the apocalyptic war that will set the true king on the throne… or see their world destroyed.

“To my way of reckoning, this is an even stronger book than the first… Absorbing, the kind of book one reads in gulps and cannot put down.” — Andre Norton





Epic fantasy

Series / license:

Middle Kingdoms

Current editions:

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First publication:

  • Bluejay Books, 1984: ISBN 0-312-94110-2
  • Cover: Susan Shea Collins

US editions:

Bluejay Books trade paperback, 1984: ISBN 0-312-94110-2

Tor Books mass-market paperback, 1985: ISBN 0-812-53673-8

World editions:

German mass-market paperback, published as DAS TOR DER SCHATTEN, Heyne Verlag, West Germany, 1987: ISBN 3-453-00965-7

UK mass-market paperback: Corgi Books, May 1991: ISBN 0-552-13662-X

Omnibus trade paperback edition with THE DOOR INTO FIRE, May 2001, Meisha Merlin Books: ISBN 978-1892065513

Ebook editions

Ebooks Direct multiformat edition Kindle edition

World editions:


  • Methuen mass market paperback: ISBN 0-417-05850-0

Ebook editions:

Included in:

The Tale of the Five Omnibus (ebook editions only):

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Bluejay Books trade paperback, 1983

  • Cover: Susan Shay Collins
  • ISBN: 0312941072

In The Sword and the Dragon, Meisha Merlin hardcover, 2004

  • Cover: Don Maitz
  • ISBN: 9781892065513

Lionhall Press paperback / ebook, 2011

  • Cover: Diane Duane
  • ISBN: 9781072384298
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