CrossingsCon 2021

When the CrossingsCon committee initially started planning for the next CrossingsCon in 2021, none of us had any real sense of what lay ahead of us starting early in 2020. What eventually became plain, though, was that the original plans for a physical return to Montréal in 2021 were going to have to be reworked.

This has happened, and CrossingsCon has slipped sideways into the online world for our scheduled get-together. The convention will be held in online space at,  with new expanded dates, and a significantly expanded guest list!

CrossingsCon 2021 will be held on August 1-8 of 2021. Joining DD on the Guest of Honor roster will be a truly star-studded crowd of writers including Ursula Vernon, Jessica Day George, C. B. Lee, Catherynne M. Valente, and Megan Whalen Turner.

DD says, “Despite the changes in our venue, I’m so looking forward to going forward with the convention and helping to keep the CrossingsCon tradition going… while having the chance to meet even more people at the event than (possibly) could have made it when we were strictly physical. We’re going to have a blast!”

For more details on how to attend, visit the FAQ page and information hub!