Interim Errantry

Interim Errantry contains:

The novella Not On My Patch, the tale of an unusual Halloween in the Young Wizards’ neighborhood, featuring overage Trick Or Treating, suburban zombies, and the Attack of the Killer Pumpkins.

The novelette How Lovely Are Thy Branches, a holiday-themed Young Wizards story in which an alien wizard who looks a lot like a Christmas tree gets the gift he wants most — decorations — and a memorable party and sleepover party are disrupted by a superblizzard and an neighborhood problem that triggers a most unusual Christmas haunting.

And finally, the new original Young Wizards novel Lifeboats, the tale of a distant world threatened by unavoidable doom, an intervention that takes thousands of Earth’s wizards, young and old, into harm’s way, and a Valentine’s Day that absolutely doesn’t go as planned…

(All three works are also available separately at Ebooks Direct in case you have (or have read) one or more of them but don’t care to purchase it / them again.)

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