On Ordeal: Ronan Nolan Jnr

ON ORDEAL: RONAN NOLAN JNR singleton ebook cover

Once upon a time there was a kid who lived in the Dublin suburbs and never once even considered believing in wizards… until he found he could be one.

Ronan had always felt himself both the odd man out, the guy nobody really got, the one who couldn’t figure out where he fit in — and the one who didn’t stand out, who got lost in the crowd, who was never going to be anything unusual… just one more also-ran in a world that just seemed to be getting worse all the time. He was slowly starting to feel as if there wasn’t any particular point in life, because he was never going to make that much of a difference to anyone or anything.

Then Life took an interest.

Without warning Ronan Nolan Junior was about to find himself the crux of an argument between forces older than Earth itself… and the recipient of an unfolding challenge that would change many more worlds than just one.

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