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Los Angeles, 1946.
Showbiz. Mystery.
Murder. Wizardry.
And by the way...
the end of the world.
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Assorted works

Books, short stories, comics and graphic novels, audiobooks and other audio adaptations, film and TV work
Feline Wizardry 3: The Big Meow
Feline Wizardry book 3
Interim Errantry 2: On Ordeal
The second major collection of Young Wizards interstitial fiction
On Ordeal: Ronan Nolan Jnr
Third in the Interim Errantry: On Ordeal trilogy
On Ordeal: Mamvish fsh Wimsih
Second of the Interim Errantry: On Ordeal series
On Ordeal: Roshaun ke Nelaid
First in the Interim Errantry: On Ordeal trilogy
Games Wizards Play hardcover (art by Cliff Nielsen)
Tenth of the Young Wizards series