Down time at all websites tonight

by Diane Duane

Per a notification from Lee the Tech Lady:

“Just a quick note to let everyone know: our ISP is going to be upgrading the software underlying all the sites tonight, some time between 11 PM EDT Thursday evening and 4 AM EDT Friday morning. (For the techies among you: the servers have been running MySQL 5.0.x, and are being upgraded to v.5.1 overnight).

“The various servers supporting our sites will be shut down for at least ten minutes at some point during this period: then the databases will remain inaccessible for a while as they’re updated to MySQL 5.1. The total outages should not be more than 40 minutes but ideally should be less. We have backups of all the databases just in case anything gets squirrely, but are hoping they won’t be needed.”

This outage will affect, the Young Wizards Discussion Forums,, and the Errantry Concordance encyclopedia / wiki site.

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