At last: the New Millennium “SO YOU WANT TO BE A WIZARD” in paperback!

by Diane Duane
Cover ezcerpt from the new international edition of SO YOU WANT TO BE A WIZARD

The paperback and ebook versions of the new So You Want To Be A Wizard International editions are here at last!

The new International Editions will all use the revised/expanded New Millennium Editions text that has been available on Ebooks Direct since 2012. This rollout of the first volume in the series marks the first time that the English-language NME version of a YW book will have been in print anywhere.

Over the course of this year, the entire series will be published in NME-text paperback (including Games Wizards Play, which has never been in either an ebook or a print edition anywhere outside the US and Canada). We’re also looking into hardcovers, and if there’s enough demand for them, we’ll publish in that format also.

Here’s the only catch: due to current contractual obligations, these paperback editions (and their corresponding ebooks) cannot be published or sold in the US [and its possessions], Canada, or the Philippines. I’m sorry about that, but at this point in time there’s nothing I can do about it. I have hopes that the situation may shift within the next few years, but for the time being, it is what it is. However, in the meantime, everybody else in the world now has access to the NMEs, and to the Young Wizards series in general, in paperback.

Over time we’ll “go wide” to other platforms with these works, but please note that the same regional limitations will remain in place. Meanwhile, further volumes in the series will become available on Amazon approximately every three weeks.

The URL for the Amazon paperback edition:

The URL for the Amazon Kindle ebook edition:

If you’d RT the tweet about this post, or pass the post’s URL to those who might be interested, I’d appreciate it.

…Thanks, all!

Cover for paperback international edition of SO YOU WANT TO BE A WIZARD

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