Bloomsday again

by Diane Duane

…that most meta of Irish holidays, and certainly the most Dublinesque.

So on this special day only (June 16, 2024), the urban fantasy novella Herself is naturally free to download!

(If you are reading this after June 16th, 2024, please note that the free-download offer is now over. The. book will be available again for free download on June 16, 2025.)


You can download it using this link at the Ebooks DIrect store. Just go through the checkout as if you were buying something: you won’t be charged.

This 12,000 word novella also appears as part of DD’s short fiction collection Uptown Local and Other Interventions.

In this tale of a Dublin where the Fair People go about their lives like everybody else (or try to), a mortal ally with the Seeing gift discovers that the Good Folk are  being targeted by a deadly threat of the modern world.

Their only hope of survival: to raise the dead—not in general: just one very important dead person—and discover whether he can save a vital part of Irish life from being destroyed forever. But will the cure be worse than the disease…?


(ETA: for The Day That’s In It, and the week following June 16, we’ve also dropped the price on our Whole Store Bundle: 36 ebooks for $34.99. … Just saying.) 🙂

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Thomas June 17, 2024 - 3:04 pm

I gave this a try:

– Used the link to view the book listing
– Clicked “Add to Cart”
– Clicked “View Cart”
– Checked our, provided a credit card assuming the site needed one to process the transaction regardless of cost

It did end up charging me for the book, so maybe I found a bug? I don’t mind having contributed to the cause of good literature though!

Diane Duane June 17, 2024 - 4:33 pm

Well, I think the issue is that you made your purchase seven hours after the free-download period had ended (as we left the cutoff running until 0800 Irish time this morning, approximating to midnight June 16/17 US Pacific). I’m happy to refund your purchase price, though, if you like. –DD

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