The “How Lovely Are Thy Branches” Advent Calendar

by Diane Duane
Advent Caledar screenshot

Advent Caledar screenshot

ETA: The Advent calendar is now shut… maybe until next year. But a compiled version of the whole Calendar is available below…

Every day, from now until Christmas, behind a door of the Advent calendar here there’ll be a small chunk of dialogue material that either didn’t make it into the final cut of How Lovely Are Thy Branches, or occurred to me after the work was finished. Snippets and snatches of conversation, half-heard (as it were) from across the room. Think of them, not so much as outtakes, but more like DVD extras.

All you need to do is click on the little red tab on the right side of the window to make the calendar pop out: then click on the door for the day. Obviously, today only the December 1  and 2 doors will open. One more door will be available each day until we hit Christmas.


Now available:  The How Lovely Are Thy Branches Advent Calendar — 25 days of extra dialogue / outtakes from the work. Download the ebook or PDF formats free from our cloud storage at

Advent Calendar generic .epub | Advent Calendar Kindle-friendly .mobi | Advent Calendar .PDF

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