Some new stuff over at research materials

by Diane Duane

Those of you who’ve been following the The Big Meow project will have noticed some changes at the site as we’ve changed hosting providers and brought up the new Drupal installation. Now that that’s bedding in, I get to add some cool new stuff.

One new feature: research materials. I keep these on my home machine using Onfolio, which also makes it easy to publish stored material online. So here’s a link to where my Big Meow research material can now be found online.

The page material will automatically update as I add new items (which happens every now and then), remove stuff (ditto) or reorganize things. For those who’re interested in finding out right away when there’s something new, here’s a link to the page’s XML / RSS feed.

While going through this material the other day, I did notice that some sources (particularly the New York Times items) hadn’t stored correctly. I’ll be seeing what I can do about this.

Meanwhile, there’s a lot of cool stuff in there. My favorite at the moment: a recording of the original LAPD officer who made the phrase “Calling all cars” famous nationwide.

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