Today's happy New York cat story

by Diane Duane

In a purr-fect ending, a miner with a heart of gold…rescued Molly the cat last night.

After spending 14 days stuck in the guts of a 19th-century West Village building, New York’s famous fur ball was safe and sound and eating sardines.

The kitty cornered in the wall had drawn such widespread attention that she had become the city’s newest attraction, touching the hearts of locals and tourists alike.

…Between yesterday and the day she got stuck (April 1st), here are some of the ways they tried to get her out:

  • Humane traps baited with mackerel
  • Entreaties from cat therapist Carole Wilbourn
  • Mewing kittens
  • Tiny video cameras
  • Recordings of whale and gull sounds (That was supposed to help how? Someone please explain that to me. Especially the gull sounds….)
  • Pet psychic Maxine Albert
  • Removing bricks from landmarked building
  • Drilling holes in same (Before removing them, I assume.)
  • Animal Care & Control officers
  • NYPD Emergency Service Unit officers
  • Catnip (Yes indeed, when all else fails, try drugs… [eyeroll]))

(See also [if you can get at it without a subscription] the New York Times‘s take on the story)

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