Aaah, fooey, I broke my wizardy mug

by Diane Duane

…my favorite tea mug that said “Caffeine First, Wizardry Later”. I got it ages ago to test the CafePress printing system (which is pretty good). Got a little careless this morning, put it down too close to the edge of the counter, turned to pick up the teapot…and crash!

Oh well. The design was a little tired anyway, and imperfect — the regular Tema Cantante font (that’s the one they use for the titles on the YW books) doesn’t work too well in smaller sizes or when there’s too much text: the thin upstrokes get lost. The sans-serif Cantante, though, works better. So I’ve pulled the old mug designs and done new ones that wrap right around the cup instead of just being on one side. For anyone who’s even slightly interested, they’re here, in tea, coffee, cocoa, and generic caffeine versions (just the molecule instead of an image of a cup). You can click on the image below for a larger image showing the tea variant.

…And now I’m gonna go off and order myself one, because all the other mugs in this house are too small for the way I drink tea in the morning.

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