Cleaning out the storage: manuscripts, etc, going up on eBay

by Diane Duane

Before going to the Discworld convention in Leicestershire the week before last, Peter and I had to stop by the storage where we keep various books, authors’ copies and other stuff that there’s no room for in our house (we were hunting for a specific Terry Pratchett book for the charity auction at the convention). While going through the boxes, I came across a whole lot of manuscripts, galleys, proofs, and other things associated with my novel work.

We really don’t need all that paperwork lying around — we’re trying to get rid of some of the storage contents so that we can downgrade to a smaller unit — so I’m going to start cleaning a lot of these items out over the next month by offering them on eBay for whatever the market will bear. The first of item on offer, which I just listed on eBay, is the only extant version of the original manuscript of So You Want to Be a Wizard, complete with author edits and notes from my then-editor at Dell, Olga Litowinsky. (And it’ll be autographed to the buyer, of course. Click on the link above for more info.)

If this kind of thing interests you, you should keep an eye on my eBay bookstore over the next couple/few weeks for the material that will be going up.


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