It’s all over

by Diane Duane
The last post

Over there, anyway.

Secondary to the recent changes in LiveJournal’s TOS, all the posts except this one at my LJ have been deleted. The journal itself, though, has been relocated to new digs at *

In the next little while I’m going to start mirroring some Tumblr posts to the Dreamwidth journal: and (as used to happen at the LJ) some Out Of Ambit posts as well. If I can find a blogging tool that’ll let me blog to all three at once, I’ll be a happy camper. We’ll see how that goes.

ETA: rewriting this for clarity. I first used Dreamwidth’s own import tool to import all my LJ entries and comments to the new clean Dreamwidth journal. (The job executed in stages: the entries took longest to import, they and the comments spending about 36 hours in the queue. The results page once you start the import has a “refresh” link you can click to see how things are coming along. Understandably the Dreamwidth resources are under a fair amount of pressure at the moment, but I wasn’t in any rush.) Then I used  this post management tool to bulk-delete the posts at the LJ. It works just fine. NB: if you have a lot of posts, LJ will halt the migration after a thousand posts or so, citing “too much editing” and telling you to come back in an hour and try again. I did that and thereafter the deletions completed smoothly.

*Yes, I do have an older Dreamwidth journal at I’m still working out what to do about that one.

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