Virtual coffee

by Diane Duane

Just a note in passing: There’ve been times lately when people who’ve stopped by the Ebooks Direct store have left notes in their orders asking whether it’s possible to simply contribute something to the local creative endeavors without actually buying an ebook.

I thought about this a bit (while looking into some of the online options for this kind of thing) and then came up with a temporary solution. For the time being I’ve simply added to the store a virtual product that’s about the same price as a good cup of coffee in Dublin. (The pic above is of a flat white from the “Bald Barista” up in Aungier Street.)

So for those who don’t need any more ebooks, and feel like adding one of those (or however many they please) to their shopping card at the store: Go for it! And thank you very much. 🙂 …If you do this, the system will send you a little digital “thank you” card once you’ve been through the checkout… a stopgap measure till I can drop you a note myself.

Eventually I guess I’ll make a button or a widget for the side column to handle this. But for the moment, the Virtual Cuppa product page is here:

Thanks, all. 🙂

ETA: Sorry, the link was redirecting back to Facebook for some reason. That’s been fixed.

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