Dr. John Watson’s CV

by Diane Duane

Screencaps from #Sherlock s1x02, “The Blind Banker”. John goes to a local clinic to look for a job as a locum (US readers: that’s a doctor doing replacement / temp work).

Some of the details here are interesting. In particular, the choice of intended specialty stands out: laparoscopic or “keyhole” surgery. This is a practitioner who has no love of slice ‘n’ dice / “meatball” surgery… probably having had more than enough of it in Afghanistan. It should probably be mentioned in passing here that every nurse who’s ever “scrubbed in” knows (or knows about) surgeons who just looooooove slicing patients open, making a mess and and seeing the blood fly. John Watson is plainly not one of these: he wants to heal people while doing the least possible damage to their bodies, and getting them back to their lives as quickly and with as little pain as possible.

Of particular interest is the phrase “crusader of clinical governance”, which — despite what the Wikipedia article may offhandedly imply — is not just another buzzword to the practitioners who take it seriously. It implies that the professional invoking it is intent on seeing that things are done for his or her patients openly, properly, and in line with best clinical practice.

Each image can be clicked to enlarge.

(BTW: we’ve been getting Google queries for “John Watson CV font” or “Dr. Watson CV font”. If you’re interested in this subject, it looks like John’s CV is set in good old Times Roman, but (on his name at least) using the “Large and small caps” setting. The words “Curriculum Vitae” and “Profile” have been set in caps with a space between each letter.)

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Unfortunately it’s hard to get a decent cap of the middle of the page, which features details of John’s clinical training history, as the camera panned down it at some speed. I may take a run at this another time to see if I can simply transcribe the contents. The bottom, however, is clearer.

Click for a larger version
See “The Starship and the Upstairs Flat” for some thoughts about the character to whom this data belongs.


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