Things nobody but the author could possibly care about, number 3 in a series (I think)

by Diane

I was looking at the covers for the digest editions of the first three YW books today, and something occurred to me about the one for Deep Wizardry. (Something besides the fact that it’s my favorite of the three.)

I’m not sure that Nita’s bathing suit is really there…

On examining the image closely (and scanning it to get a better look: click on the thumbnail or here to see the closer scan), I find that the bathing suit seems to have the same sort of relative “there-ness” as the clothes-in-transition of some anime characters undergoing henshin (that’s “transformation”, more or less). Cf. the thumbnails of Ami undergoing henshin into Sailor Mercury, or Makoto changing to Sailor Jupiter. (Though the effect on the DW cover is far more subtle.)

The “magic” light effects on the DW cover seem to be trying to suggest that they’re “in the way” of Nita’s bathing suit…but look for the suit itself, and you don’t see a whole lot.

Hmm. Hope this doesn’t get me in trouble with some hypersensitive parents’ group somewhere…

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