Never mind "Man and Superman." What about God and Superman?

by Diane Duane

And what either Nietzsche or George Bernard Shaw would have made of this, I have no idea.

Bar graph comparing changing power levels of God and Superman

The chart above represents development of power levels of both God and Superman beginning in 1940, and extrapolated to predict trends up to 2030. Several features are worthy of note. First, note that God has had no substantial increase in Power Level during the time period analyzed. Supermans powers, on the other hand, have been increasing steadily. The largest gain in Power Level can be seen in 1980, which followed Supermans discovery of his ability to travel back in time, violating physics as we know it, and presumably requiring an infinite amount of energy. A reader also points out that in ’93 Superman died and was resurrected, which presumably indicates a large jump in power as well.

Using conservative estimates for the development of Superman’s powers, we can see that they will exceed those of God by the year 2030 (if present trends are a reliable indicator.) By 2040, Superman will not only be omniscient and omnipresent, but will most likely be capable of altering the logical fabric of all existence.

Oooooookayyyy…. But then, this would still be cool, because around 2035 we should be all set for one of those great DC crossovers. God Vs. Superman! Who wins? (Hint: which one does DC [oh, all right, Warner, be that way] own?)

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Kemayo July 21, 2006 - 5:12 pm

Signs that you are excessively nerdy include: seeing that and having your first thought be that they didn’t account for Superman’s massive power-reduction in the Crisis.

Peter Murray July 24, 2006 - 10:54 pm

As a pre-Byrne Superman fan, I know that Superman was travelling in time in the 1950s and maybe earlier. So that pushes that gain back 30 years, and if you then have a steady gain up to 1971 or so, then take away 1/3 of his power to give to the sand-creature…

… this is complicated!

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