In. De. F-ing. SCRIBABLE.

by Diane Duane

I was sitting in one of the cafĂ©s in our nearby shopping town this morning, listening to the (sigh: inevitable, this is Ireland) Christmas music playing in the background. What they had playing was actually fairly pleasant, for a change — a compilation CD — and I started thinking idly about blogging a list of my ten favorite pieces of Christmas music.

Having finished the errands I’d gone out for, I came home and fired up the machine and prepared to get back to work on the screenplay I’m finishing at the moment. And while hunting down a couple of things on the Web, I found…this.

It’s a rendition of “O Holy Night” that bears the same relationship to the general performance- level of recorded Christmas carols that the inimitable and invaluable The Eye of Argon bears to the general class of published heroic fantasy.

Oh me. Oh me. Do NOT have liquids anywhere near your mouth while listening to this.

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