More tidying up of loose ends

by Diane Duane
books on shelves

Some of you constant readers may remember this message of last spring when I was in the process of getting rid of / cleaning out some old books.

The process got badly messed up by the numerous health problems of the later spring and the family losses of the summer and fall. As a result I still seem to have a lot of these books around, particularly copies of Rihannsu: Bloodwing Chronicles, The Empty Chair, Wizards at War, and some proofs and so forth which I think were put aside for people, but the sales were never finalized.

Can I ask those of you who who queried me about the availability of books (and/or I told that books had been set aside for them) but the sale was never completed, to get in touch with me here? And we’ll get it all sorted out over the next couple of weeks.


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