And now a word about our favorite pizza source in Dublin

by Diane Duane

Which would be (originally) Independent Pizza Co. in Drumcondra, but (even more so) its younger sister-facility, Gotham Café in South Anne Street. The excellent Adam Kuban of Slice, the pizza lovers’ website par excellence, has just kindly posted a note I dropped him about the place.

Gotham Café is one of our favorite places to eat in Dublin. We’ve been going there ever since it opened, and have (by now) probably eaten enough pizzas there to completely pave South Anne Street. It’s also where the Star Trek novel Dark Mirror was conceived in 1991 (as the book’s acknowledgement page notes) secondary to a long and wide-ranging discussion with Peter about Starfleet uniform styles, over a large pizza with extra Mozzarella, extra sauce, pepperoni, and hot chiles, and a medium with extra Mozzarella, double garlic, hot chilies, and onions, along with two bottles of Orvieto Secco and a whole lot of Ballygowan water. (The framed cover commemorating this slightly crazed event still hangs, I believe, in the owners’ office.)

Last time we were passing through, we took some pics of what we were eating and sent them along to Adam. With luck, many more transiting pizza lovers will now grace David and Jackie’s front doors and sample what we firmly believe is the best New York-style pizza on the island of Ireland.

(When this article was written, Gotham had no website. Of course they do now, at Meanwhile, the original article at Slice is here.)

(BTW, I take no responsibility for the article’s slugline. “When Irish Pies Are Smiling”? Ow ow ow ow ow ow.)

(ETA: Someone’s posted a Flickr image of the Gotham menu page that features their “specialty” pizzas.)

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akuban August 11, 2008 - 9:34 pm

Hahah. It’s true. Couldn’t resist the, ahem, cheesy “Irish pies” pun, Diane.

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