For those who were asking: the WizPod

by Diane Duane

Gee, I thought everybody had seen this by now. … Of this indispensable piece of kit for the more tech-oriented wizard, the Errantry Concordance says:

“An instance or implementation of the Wizard’s Manual installed in a suitably adapted iPod. Such devices, when running in Manual mode, routinely display the Apple Without a Bite. WizPods may be assumed to be part of the same digital wizardry initiative that Tom Swale alludes to in HW.

“In everyday use WizPods mimic the look-and-feel of the unmodified devices and support all their usual functions. However, since each WizPod also contains an inbuilt “stand-alone” temporospatial claudication, the devices are able to unfold to many times their apparent external size to display data, and are especially useful for working with spell diagrams which are better rendered in 3D format. Data storage is also managed through the claudication via intuitive on-demand streaming swap-in / swap-out to a closed-continuum “hotvoid” space, theoretically implying near-infinite storage for a WizPod’s total contents. Onboard storage is handled by an Alterf Technology-sourced SentientManagement quark-trap lattice solid rated at 120 yottabytes (though theoretically capable of much more if you ask it nicely).

“Wizardly implementations of the iPod began appearing simultaneously with the debut of the so-called 4G models. There is speculation as to why rollout was delayed this long, but the consensus seems to be that the Powers that Be were waiting for the hardware to become sufficiently widespread that it no longer provoked much comment. Since then a regular progression of new WizPods have appeared in tandem with their less wizardly cousins, but none with quite the ballyhoo of the new 6G WizPod, or WizPod Touch, which appears above / to the left. This model introduced the new touch interface as well as numerous new software features…”

More data at the full Concordance entry, naturally.



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