In the Online Retail department: Shopify

by Diane Duane
Shopify logo

The long-suffering Lee the Tech Lady and I have been working with Zen Cart at the online shop for almostĀ  six months now, and the reviews are, well, kind of mixed. While Zen Cart works well enough, the learning curve has been annoyingly steep, and the thing has more controls than the Space Shuttle (with as many ways for things to go extremely wrong if you mis-set something). So I’ve been looking for another solution for a while, but none of the host of stores and carts out there at the moment quite clicked for me.

Then the other day I stumbled across a blog posting by an old acquaintance, Joey deVilla, otherwise known all over the Net as the Accordion Guy. The posting was about Joey being photographed for his new “electronic business card” at Shopify. And immediately I became intrigued, because if there’s one thing I know about Joey it’s that he’s a really smart guy, and if he’s working for Shopify, it must really have something going for it.

So today we’ll be starting the process of setting up a store at Shopify, using their free 30-day trial offer, and we’ll see how things go. I’ll amend this post to include the address when we’ve got something in there. (Young Wizards fans: most likely one of the very first items to appear will be the new International ebook edition of A Wizard Abroad, which is now ready to go on sale.)

More on this very shortly.

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