It's not just US Presidents who visit Ireland. US wizards do it too.

by Diane Duane

In honor of President Barack Obama’s visit to Ireland today, we’re happy to announce the release of the latest in the series of Young Wizards International edition ebooks, A Wizard Abroad.

Fourth in the Young Wizards series, A Wizard Abroad details how the concerned parents of fourteen-year-old Nita Callahan — thinking that she and fellow young wizard Kit Rodriguez are getting a little too close —  pack their daughter off to Ireland for an extended visit to the farm owned by her slightly eccentric Aunt Annie. They think that by doing this they’re going to give Nita a little rest from both Kit and from the stressful and dangerous business of wizardry.

They couldn’t be more wrong. Nita shortly finds herself plunged into a local crisis, as the Lone Power finds yet another way to interfere in human existence. All over Ireland,  myths and creatures of the past — both good and evil — start erupting into modern life, a response to the swiftly growing influence of the Lone One’s ancient Celtic avatar, the terrible Balor of the Evil Eye.  Nita, Kit, and a host of Irish wizards — including the brooding and enigmatic Ronan Nolan, who Nita starts to find disturbingly attractive — soon find themselves enmeshed in a deadly struggle to stop the Lone Power before Its  evil exploits this unexpected gateway to overflow Ireland’s boundaries and overrun the world…

This 2011 International Edition is intended for Young Wizards fans outside the US and Canada who can’t purchase the classic editions of the YW series from North American ebook retailers due to regional sales restrictions. It  follows the text of the US SF Book Club first  edition of A Wizard Abroad (1993) and the subsequent US paperbacks from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.  (North American readers can obtain their own region-specific ebook editions of A Wizard Abroad from Amazon.comBarnes & Noble and

Readers outside the US and Canada can purchase the International ebook edition of A Wizard Abroad, DRM-free and in .mobi (Kindle) and .ePub (Nook, iPad) formats, through the ebook store. It’s also available through for instant download to your Kindle.

Also please note: a new revised edition of A Wizard Abroad, updated by the author and available to readers worldwide, will be released by Errantry Press in the second half of 2011. Please check for dates and other details.

…And in the meantime, would somebody please tell the President to stay a little longer next time? And not to forget the golf clubs.

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