Neu! style relaunch!

by Diane Duane

Our good friend Torsten Dewi has just launched a redesign / restyle on his popular German blog,, where he posts trenchant and intelligent film reviews, slices of local life, and episodes from his daily business as TV, film and media fan par excellence.

Torsten is a busy guy. He was instrumental in keeping me and Peter sane on The Ring (aka Der Ring des Nibelungs aka Sword of Xanten aka Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King);  he was instrumental in introducing Germany to the concept of the telenovela: he has done a heap of TV-movie work and magazine work, and he’s much in demand at conventions in Germany as one of those people who — though they’re friendly in the bar and chatty on the dais —  knows where the bodies are buried.

And he is a sterling person all around, so all of you who read German should stop over and have a look at, now that its already huge pile of content has been freshened up by the classy new look. So do run over and have a look.

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