Scooby-Doo and me (and Scrappy, of course)

by Diane

This is plainly one of those weeks when my past is going to come back to haunt me with unusual insistence.

Starting this morning, Cartoon Network Europe has programmed an entire week of Scooby-Doo, during which they claim they’ll be showing every single Scooby episode ever shown. Meaning my episodes as well… I’ve been wanting to get these on video for a long time: this looks like my chance. Not that I ever want to show these to anybody, mind you. I’ve just been trying to collect all my TV work for a while now, and the Scooby episodes have been the big hole in the collection.

Peter’s feeling is possibly that this is a lacuna that should stay lacunic, or laconic, or something. Well, too bad. He can watch the History Channel next week. He spends too much time watching tanks anyway.

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