By the way, for those who were asking: a printed version of "A Wind from the South" is in preparation

by Diane Duane

One theme I’ve been hearing lately in emails about the book (which have been in just about every other way complimentary) is, “I hate e-books. Please do a dead-tree version!”

Well, okay. I’m in the process of reformatting a file so that we can have a CafePress edition. (I was going to wait to do a version with an ISBN…and then suddenly this morning, thought, “Why? Who cares whether the thing’s got an ISBN or not? We’re not ready to market to Amazon yet.”

So wait a few days, say till the middle of the week, and there’ll be a paper version available for order direct from CafePress. I’ll post here when it’s ready.

Also, though it won’t be ready for some time, the very talented Ursula Vernon has graciously agreed to do a cover for the print version. We’re in the very early stages of discussing design. I can’t wait to see what she’ll do: I know it’ll be terrific.

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