A cool thing: your Nikes tell your iPod how far you've run

by Diane Duane

And when I saw it in the Guardian this morning, I thought, “What a neat thing to send to BoingBoing.” Unfortunately Warren Ellis beat me to it.

The Nike+ system, which has taken 18 months to develop, uses a tiny transmitter fitted in the trainers to send information back to the music player with every step. Runners can find out how they are doing by hitting the centre button on their iPod Nano and listening to a spoken update of their progress. Should the hi-tech pavement-pounders start to flag, they can give themselves a quick boost by calling up a pre-chosen “power song” for that all-important motivational lift.

The sensor kit will cost £25 and will be available in the UK from July 13. The first training shoe it can be fitted into, the new Air Zoom Moire, will go on sale at the same time priced at £65. Six more styles will follow.

I might just get these. I’m a walker, not a runner, but I doubt the iPod’ll care.

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